Shake Your Shamrock Race Recap

I was more than ready to Shake my Shamrock come early Saturday morning. I had set out my race outfit the night before.

Lots of Green! 🙂


I was bound and determined to rock the 7k + 13k (roughly 12.42 miles total)  distances all in one run.

And why not do it on the lovely mountain that has become like a second home for me on Saturday mornings. Oh Robie.


We started off around 7:30 am and began our run up the slight incline of this mountain. I loved the open country road.


Then about 5 miles into the race, I saw this.


The country road started to turn white. Uh oh. And the hills went from green to grey.

I wasn’t sure what we were about embark on… then I saw this.


Oh crap! I knew there were several more miles of straight running through this snow to get to the top of Robie and back down.

I was a bit nervous. I had a time goal for this race. I really wanted to beat my time from last week of 3h 15 min.

But all this snow was definitely slowing me down. I had to watch for potholes and icy spots. And it was several inches deep in some spots making it difficult to run through.


Needless to say, there were several points in which walking was the only option. Due to the steepness of the mountain and the conditions on the road.

But I kept a good attitude.

And I was super excited when I saw this footprint. Someone was running this mountain in the snow in Vibrams! It made me smile.


I couldn’t have been more excited when I reached the top of the mountain this week. Another Superstar pose to celebrate!


And honestly this view was A LOT different than last week’s when we had reached the summit.


Oh well we embraced the snow. It made shaking our shamrock that much more of an adventure.

We began our descent back down the mountain shuffling a lot more quickly through the snow. I always enjoy the downhill rush!

I kept looking at my garmin, thinking I really really really want to beat my time from last week. At one point I knew it was possible so began sprinting the last 2 miles down.

I shrieked with joy when I realized I finished my race a whole 10 minutes faster than last week.


Bam! I had contended with snow, crazy weather conditions, an unpredictable mountain path and still finished with a great time.

So I’m happy to report my final Shamrock time as 3 hr 5 min!


Also I want to thank EVERYONE who participated in Aneta & I’s first annual Shake Your Shamrock Virtual race.

We had such a great response and have really enjoyed reading everyone’s recaps and seeing their pics. And I’m also loving all the new blogs I’ve discovered in this process.

So if you are new to Beyond Destination 26.2 thanks for stopping by!


Please be sure to send your Shamrock Race finishing times to us tonight by 6pm (email to confessionsofarunner at gmail dot com & destination26.2 at gmail dot com) .

And don’t forget to check out both Aneta’s and my blog tomorrow. We will be showcasing all your awesomeness and Shamrock Shaking in two different posts tomorrow. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Shake Your Shamrock Race Recap

  1. You are putting in so many miles on that MOUNTAIN, it will be no problem at the race! Congrats on trooping through the snow and still beating your time. AWESOME!!!!

  2. Lady you definitely rocked Saturday! What a great improvement at your time even though you had to beat the snow too. I’m very proud of you and your post made me smile!

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