Shamrock Shakers (part 1)

Thank you to everyone who Shook Their Shamrock over the last couple of days.

We had an overwhelmingly awesome response to Aneta & I’s Shake Your Shamrock Virtual race!

Our race contestants ran 7k (4.35 miles) or 13k (8.08 miles) or some even ran both distances! Shamrock Rockstars!!! 🙂

Shake Your Shamrock Part 1

Below is just part one of who participated in the Shamrock race. We will showcase the other half in another post.

Cynthia from Cynthia’s Adventures


7.8k in 50 minutes & 18.4k in 1:54:00


Liz from Feet Dominating Pavement


7k in 1:14:03




7K in 46:57 & 13k in 1:38:00


J from Morning Runner


13k in 1:07:22


Krystal from My Life of Travels & Adventures


9.17 miles in 1:49:00


Laura from Live Well, Laugh Often & Run Much

lauralolasrunning2 lauralolasrunning

7k in 46:30


Syl from Live Smile Run


7k in 52:25


Lori from For the Run of It


7k in 52:44


Marlene from Mission to Another Marathon


6.4k in 42:50  +  14k in 1:14:27 = 20.4k in 1:57:17


Melissa from Running For Better or Worse


7k in 45:41


Thank you again to everyone who participated and check back later today in our PART II of the post when we showcase the rest of the race participants and reveal the winners!

Happy Monday!!


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