Runner’s High

Life over at Beyond Destination 26.2 has been busy, let me tell you!

But I have found the best release for stress is simply squeezing in that workout, however you can.


This week, it required two early morning gym sessions (shred mill & BodyPump) and a dinner where I may or may not have been donning a gym scent as I had just came from a spin class.

I have attributed my workout motivation lately to two glorious runs up Robie Creek the last two weekends.

I’m still riding that Runner’s High!

My body feels strong and I feel like I do anything. This is how I felt after my marathon!

So as I inch closer and closer to race day, I am going to ride this high. Because seriously, I feel freaking amazing! 🙂

My body feels strong, my core is feeling tighter, my legs even look like they have more definition these days. Woooo hoooo!

And when I’m not running,  hitting the gym, or hosting Virtual races, apparently I am winning contests! 🙂

How perfect…don’t you think?


I couldn’t have been more excited when I saw this package from Lori at For the Run of It.


Just as I thought, It looks perfect next my Runners Wall of Fame!


Now I just need a few more races this year to fill up that wall.


Happy Thursday (almost Friday!) !!

What’s your next big race? Robie is in less than a month and I can’t wait to rock that mountain!!!

11 thoughts on “Runner’s High

  1. i love a runner’s high. its one of the best feelings. after a good sweat session or an amazing run, i feel like i can accomplish anything!
    congrats on winning the giveaway

  2. YAY for you!!! I love feeling that “runner’s high” too. I love what running and BodyPump have done for my body. Tell me, will spin class kill me? I’m hoping to add it to the weekly workout schedule after my half marathon, which happens to be my next race…in NINE days! Ack!

  3. My next race is the YMCA spring sprint tri but my next big run race is the Ogden Marathon in May. I am hoping that my run tomorrow morning will give me a fabulous running high!!

  4. This post makes me happy! The enthousiasm and fun is all over my screen. Love that!

    My next big race is my first half which is exactly in a month today.

  5. I love that you feel strong and your wall of fame! 😀

    I hope to sign up soon for my first 5k of the year – kinda scared to run it outside since I’ve been running on a treadmill for so long!

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