Tying the Knot


Today’s post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.


I have hinted at the fact that I was not done talking about Save The Dates on this blog.


Well that day has come friends, the day in which my beautiful family and friends joined me in my Save The Date Assembly Party.


It’s not a party without mimosa’s, okay!

So you might remember my Save The Date Fiasco post in which my original Save The Date idea was going to run a little costly.

Well I immediately called up my friend Amy, who helped take make my vision a reality all while spending about half the amount.

Before I unveil my magnificent Save The Dates for all the world to see, it’s only right that I give a HUGE shout out to my entourage.



Because without my Bridesmaids + Graphic Designer + Mom and God Mother, I’m pretty sure the Save the Dates wouldn’t have been finished until sometime after the wedding. No, seriously.


Our Save The Dates consisted of several parts, pieces, double-stick tape, hole punches, string, you name it. It was definitely craft fest at my house that day.


Each Save the Date consisted of 5 circular pieces that were knotted together by a string. This was to symbolize the fact that J. Alabama and I are “tying the knot”.


But after 3 hours of tying the knot, I was starting to lose some enthusiasm about the whole thing.

Thankfully though each person took on a little piece of this huge project together we created this masterpiece.




Our wedding website was blurred out of this one for privacy purposes.

When I looked at the final product, all cute and tucked into the clear envelope I shed a small tear. I was so unbelievably happy about how they turned out.



Here it is a tester for hanging on the fridge. (Okay so I hung it on the wall for more pop, but there are magnets on the back).


And here is what we have on our wedding website. Love it!



I considered this a DIY (do it yourself) kind of project, even though my graphic designer friend did the design. It was alot of work to put these together, but OH so worth it.

What types of do-it-yourself wedding projects did you embark on?


14 thoughts on “Tying the Knot

  1. first!!!

    what a great idea! that is fantastic. u, my friend, are very creative. i love all the things that you are doing for the wedding. love it!

    and the day is coming up sooooo soon! so excited for ya!

  2. So cute!!! By the way, congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! (I know I’m a little behind, but I’m just catching up on everything!!!)

  3. It was fun making them and they do look great on the fridge. They turned out really cute and hang perfect. Those magnets turned out okay after all.

  4. Oooh… I love your save the dates! Very creative and fun! My own version of a Save the Date was my mom including the wedding date in her annual Christmas letter and telling people to save that date. That’s probably one of the most cost-effective ideas we’ve had so far in planning the wedding!

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