The Orange Bridge

As I left the office after work yesterday I was happy to see beautiful blue skies and feel the amazing temps!


Spring really is on the way!

There was no way I could pass up a late afternoon run on the greenbelt.

So I did it. I threw on my running shoes and out the door I went.


Last night’s run was in the name of fun and de-stressing. A just do it run.

It was exactly what this girl needed.


The only run’s I have done outside all year have been in crazy cold temps, running through the snow, or up huge mountains.

I have been longing for just your classic short sleeved t-shirt perfect weather run.

I chose a route that is fairly familiar, but haven’t been on since last fall. I used to dread this orange bridge every time I ran this route.


I think it’s because I always knew I was either only one mile into my run, or I still had one mile left.

But yesterday, it felt like I hit that orange bridge in record time and couldn’t believe how happy I was to see it.

I think I finally made friends with the old orange bridge.


I ran roughly 3 miles to finish out my March mileage at 45.75.


And then after that I went to the gym to hit up my “Runner’s Yoga” class. Oh how those bodyflow classes stretch you so good.


Such a perfect evening if you ask me.


Tonight on the agenda is another lovely dance lesson with Mr. Alabama and a vicious 12 mile run with the running group on saturday morning.

Happy almost weekend friends!!  And Happy April Fools Day!

Did you get pranked or prank anyone today??

8 thoughts on “The Orange Bridge

  1. I promise I am going to try BodyFlow. 😉

    Love the orange bridge! There is just something about running over a bridge to me. Love it.

    No jokes from me or played on me yet, but hubby did wake the kids up by telling them the sky was purple. Weirdo!

  2. That run you went on makes me jealous. Gorgeous! We have nothing but rain here right now and so I’ll be hitting the treadmill for a very long run this morning.

  3. Happy April Fools to u too!

    your milage is pretty much the same as mine. I think im at 47 miles for the month!

    have fun at the dancing classes. and have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures! Spring is finally here… most of the snow has melted and I’ve put my winter coat away and dug out my spring/fall trenchcoat.

    I’ve pulled some awesome pranks on my parents in the past, but I didn’t prank anyone this year. Fortunately, no one pranked me. 😀

  5. That sounds like an awesome run. I love that first run of the season that’s like that!

    Hope your 12-miler went okay today.

    Have a great weekend!

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