Making a name for Myself

Today’s post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.


What’s in a name?  That’s a question I have been asking myself for almost my entire life.


If you have been reading this blog for awhile you might remember this post “My Day”, a funny story about how my birth name Lindsay turned into the Linzi that I am today.

I have always had “issues” so to speak with my first name, so I knew this day would come.

A question that needs to be answered…”Will I take his last name?”

Which is no surprise that I also have attachment issues with my last name too.

It’s unique. It’s fun to say. And it has that unquestionable Italian flare.

At many points in my life I would have simply said no, I will not take a guy’s last name.

I know I will still be that same Italian girl even if my last name doesn’t flaunt it. But it’s still a very weird idea to be someone else.

The thought about legally changing the spelling of my first name has crossed my mind a few times when questioning the fate of my last name.

But when I think about giving up my name, I realize all that I am gaining.

I can’t even describe the feeling I get when I think about it.

I thought it would be sad to part with a name I’ve held for almost 28 years.

But a name is only what you make it.

And Linzi soon-to-be Mrs. newlastnamethatisnotitalian is more excited than ever to make a name for myself.

I’m ready to give up my old Lindsay and really embrace the new Linzi with the new last name.

I know people who have kept their own last names and who have even done the hyphen thang, and it worked for them.

But ultimately for me it comes down to this, I want to be a Team-Awesome unit.

And for me that means to get over the whole name thing and just jump into it with J. Alabama head first.

Plus it will be way less confusing in the long run, especially with the miltary involved.

So the short answer to such a long drawn out question, is yes.

Yes I will take his name but I think it’s only mainly because it’s his name.

I never before in my life felt so confident in a relationship to even think about changing a piece of myself for someone else.

And I’ll admit that I may or may not have scribbled my new name out a few times (and liked it). Though since hearing it’s bad luck to do so before you are married have refrained from doing so until July!

What are your thoughts on changing your last name?


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14 thoughts on “Making a name for Myself

  1. I kept my last name simply because we started the immigration paperwork for me immediately before changing my name and that would mean a lot of re-filing fees, etc.

  2. I was the same way. It wasn’t some anti or pro feminist stance. It was because it was HIM. He was worth taking that name and making our own family under it. (I lost my Italian/Polish last name too and took a distinctly Irish one.)

    I love my new last name, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. PLus it is totally easier with the military thing. Trust me:)

  3. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep my name or not. I like the idea of changing my name because like you said you become a part of ‘team awesome’ and also it’s less confusing for any kids down the line… but at the same time I’m an only child and if I change my name then my last name ends which kind of makes me sad! I’m from a French family from Quebec and in that province the woman doesn’t take the man’s name, I think it’s the law or something.

    Anyways, I got kind of rambly there but yay you for making the decision!

  4. awesome post.
    i will 100% change my last name. not only do I have a first name that no one can pronounce, i also have a long polish last name that no one can pronounce. So changing it will make things much easier.
    I think its much easier especially when you have kids (or as you mentioned, with the military)

  5. I jumped in fully with both feet pointed and diving at full speed to change my name. I hated my maiden name and very much looked forward to changing it. I never would have considered keeping it. The only thing that almost could have made me hesitate is that my husband’s sister has the same first name as me and for many years she was unmarried (thus we had the same first AND last name) … and we lived at the same address. It was a tad confusing for a while, but we figured it out.

    I also always wanted when we had kids for all of us to have the same last names. That was important to me.

  6. 20 years ago I would have taken his name if we would have been married then because at that time we didn’t know if we wanted kids and I always wanted that we all have the same last name if there should be kids.

    Now we’ve jumped 20 years in time and we don’t have kids and we won’t have them either. If I would marry now I would keep my own name simply because I’ve had it for 42 years and don’t want to change now.

  7. Linz, that was a sweet post. I tried the hyphen thing when Dustin and I first got married and it was a disaster! A total pain to say the least. So I finally went through the work to have my middle name be my maiden name. I still get to keep that piece of me, but I can also drop the long hyphen pain. You may want to consider being Linzi B. (insert new last name here).

  8. Wow! I was actually talking about this today at work when people asked me if I was going to change my name after the wedding! I totally am 🙂 I always said I would!! In exactly 1 week we will be having dinner at our reception and my name will be different!! Enjoy the rest of your planning 🙂

  9. I’m very excited to change my last name solely for the fact that I currently have a last name that is difficult to pronounce and spell. My Polish last name will change to a German one in September. 🙂

  10. Hi Linzi! I stumbled upon your blog from another running blog and then realized you’re from Boise too! I love your blog! I’m a new runner (January 2011 is when I started) and your blog is very inspirational! 🙂

  11. I changed my last name to my husband’s. My maiden name is incredibly Irish and my married name definitely isn’t. It has been a little odd to not immediately be identified as Irish but at the same time, I love being our own little team 🙂

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