Fruity Friday: My Cherry Cherimoya


TGIFF! (Thank God it’s Fruity Friday!)

Wowza, it sure has been a looooooong time since I did Fruity Friday.

For those of you who are new to Beyond Destination 26.2, I would like to let you in on a little secret.

I have a weird fascination with weird fruit.


So weird, that I literally seek out the produce section of every grocery store I enter (especially when I travel) in search of freaky fruits.

I know, weird right?

And sometimes it even costs me an arm and a leg to then decide I would have been better off never trying it.


But it’s better to know right?

Anywho, Aneta and I have joined forces on many occasions to report on the same fruits to see each others reaction. Though it’s sometimes hard to find the same fruits considering she lives in Canada and I live in Idaho.

Which brings me to today’s spotlighted freaky friday fruit…..

The Cherimoya

This fruit immediately caught my eye when I was perusing through the Boise Coop last week. The lady at the check out squealed with excitement when I bought it.


“You are buying the pudding fruit!”

Whatever that meant, it did intrigue me a little more.

The skin looks tough, but it’s actually kind of soft when you touch it.


And I wasn’t lying about the price tag, it cost me almost $6.00 to buy one. I was crossing my fingers that it would be worth it.

 On one website it was suggested to pop these babies in the fridge until time of consumption. I guess the chill of the fruit makes it tastes even better.


Looks like a little ♥heart♥

So then it was time for tasting. Seriously I was excited at this point.

I cut it in half and began scooping out the fruit, similar to an avocado.

100_5077 100_5078

Now there are big seeds in the fruit that need to be dug out.


Oh course I took a bite, and began to throw the rest in the blender….wooop wooopp… Smoothie Time!



Omigawsh, the taste!

I could immediately understand why the lady at the check out called it the pudding fruit.

It has a creamy texture and sort of a smooth taste of banana and vanilla. The texture reminded me of mangos, without the slimyness.

Oh and the smell….

So sweet and delicious. The smell alone made me want to devour this fruit up.

I will admit that I’m little sad I put the fruit in the smoothie instead of enjoying every last bite. It was that good!

But sadly, I got a little over excited and in the blender it went, along with some other fun fruits.


I didn’t think a Cherimoya smoothie could happen without actual cherries in the mix.

My Cherry Cherimoya Smoothie


  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 cup of frozen cherries
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen mixed fruit (mango, peaches, strawberries)
  • squirt of vanilla extract


As I mentioned… the smoothie was not nearly as good as the fruit itself. But it was still rather tasty!


But as you can tell from this photo, someone did not take all the seeds out. Some were missed and they got grinded up in the blender. And it was hard to drink without choking on seeds.

Which made me even more sad.

My final thoughts on the Cherimoya are this… if you find one, buy it!

Have you ever had a Cherimoya?


And if you are really in the fruity friday mood, head on over to Aneta’s as she is doing a fruity friday review today too! Unfortunately her Cherimoya had a little mishap, and she is reviewing the Dragon Fruit instead. (So jealous!!!)

Happy Fruity Friday Friends!!!

*One week and a day until The Robie Creek Half. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fruity Friday: My Cherry Cherimoya

  1. That looks very interesting. I am going to have to see if I can find one the next time I am in Fresh Mkt. Even at the cost, if you say it is that yummy, I will def be willing to try it! The smoothie looks delish! Did you put in frozen cherries?? I love love love cherries but the seeds are the pits to deal with (ha, like the pun??).

  2. That sounds so good! I am so afraid to try new fruits. My mom used to buy the star fruit all the time- it sorta tastes funny to me!

  3. I too have an obsession with produce! We were in Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and I was carrying something different (can’t remember off the top of my head) when a produce guy stooped me and asked if I’d ever tried that fruit. I told him no and he told me it was kind of like a bland honeydew (he even cut it opn to let me taste) He then asked me if I’d tried a cherimoya and cut one of those open too. OMG! I did buy one and LOVED it. The seeds were a bit of a pain to eat around but delicious!!I have been craving one this week…may have to make a stop by WF to partake!

  4. interesting review. i dont know if i would like it. the yogurt like texture would throw me off.

    and u HAVE to try the dragon fruit. it might be my fave from all the others that we have tried!!

    have fun at IKEA this weekend! yay for ikea. i love it!

  5. whoa, i just went to whole foods. wish i would have seen this before, i’m getting one of these cute fruits next time!!!
    btw you are looking AMAZING, sista!!! sexy bride!!!
    every time i make a smoothie i think of you! clint’s friend left her vegetable powder here and i threw some in last time because i didn’t feel like adding the spinach. also you would prob kick my ass, i always buy a bag of baby spinach, use half of it, buy another bag so i don’t run out but end up opening the new one… the cycle continues. right now i have FOUR opened spinach bags and one brand new one. uhhhmmm. spinach fail!


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