Active Rest Day

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my Robie Creek Half-Marathon!  It was a tough race but such an incredible experience. 🙂


Now some would think that come the day after a really hard half-marathon one would want to snuggle themselves on the couch and watch movies all day long while “resting” from a hard race run.

Well not this girl, oh no!

It felt like an “active rest” type of day. You know what I mean…get the body moving, but nothing too strenuous.


Something inside me screamed to take Sea Breeze for a ride! Maybe it was just my legs that needed a little blood flow action.

Either way… I called up my brother and we went on a random adventure.


We weren’t really sure where were going at first.

But quickly realized our adventure was actually going to begin when we saw the bike path we were going to take had been flooded by the river. That apparently didn’t stop my bro from trying to cross it anyways!




I found this so completely comical that I even took a You Tube video of it.

(We were listening to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” when I shot the video)

He survived the force of the river, and quickly decided that we needed a drink.


So we turned around and let the path take us downtown to Penguilly’s bar, where I was convinced to try my first Dirty Martini.



It definitely helped mask any pain I was having from the race the day before. And was fun to have a drink in the middle of a Sunday afternoon!

I must admit that taking an “active rest” day as opposed to a “lazy rest” day was brilliant.


I was able to stretch my legs, get the blood flowing & heart racing, but without a whole lot of hurt on my sore body.

And yes, I was still a little sore on Monday morning from the race, but it wasn’t horrible.

I’d like to think that the bike ride helped all around!

So three cheers for an active rest day and for random bicycle adventures!


The day after a race are you a Lazy Rest or Active Rest type of person?

I’m usually in the “lazy rest” day category, but for some reason I was craving more after the race!

11 thoughts on “Active Rest Day

  1. Yay for bike riding! I just had a friend tune mine up and I’ve been meaning to take her out!
    Resting depends on how sore I might be. Sometimes a walk helps me stretch those muscles a little bit.

    p.s. your brother (figured I should leave out names??) looks old. 😉

  2. Looks like fun! I’m a big Journey fan… I might be able to see them in concert this summer! I think alcohol always helps after a tough race, hee hee! 😉 I’m more of a lazy rest person myself.

  3. I’m active rest person simply because of the lovely miss Bella 🙂 She needs her walks everyday. On my long run days (Saturday) I don’t feel like taking her for a longer walk so I usually do that on Sunday.
    But Tuesday after the half will be a lazy rest day because I have to work and have booked a massage in the evening 🙂

    Your brother is cute!

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