Our Wedding Night

This post is part of an ongoing Wedding Wednesday Series. A chance for me ramble about non-running, wedding related stuff.


So the question of where we are going to stay on wedding night keeps coming up.

We have several options……So I gave J. Alabama the pick of the bunch.

We could stay at luxurious hotel in the heart of Boise.

We could have our pick of rooms at a newer and fun modernish hotel.

Or we could in fact go the themed room route.

Oh yes… I went there. I gave him a choice of luxury hotel vs themed hotel.

Can you guess what he picked?

To be fair, I told him I didn’t care where we went. Because in all honesty, I am just excited to share the night with him. I would be happy going anywhere for the night, as long it’s not his house or my apartment.

So before I could even spout off all the choices he immediately went for themed room!

I laughed. I knew if I gave him that option he would go for it. I know him all too well. 🙂

If you remember correctly, about a year ago we went on vacation to the Oregon coast and landed ourselves in this fine establishment.

Oh yes, we picked the Camelot room.

So in the name of fun and “team awesome” style, I agreed to spending our wedding night at The Anniversary Inn.

Now we had the dilemma of actually picking a room out of the many of options.

Let me just tell you, we had a blast walking through each and every room trying to decide which room to spend our first night as Mr. & Mrs.

But when it all came down to it, I gave the final say.

I know, I know!

The more I thought about it, I just couldn’t picture my wedding night being spent in this tree house. Though I think it was one of J. Alabama’s top picks.

You can understand right?

So maybe this is another #FianceFail moment, where I tell him he gets to pick and then I overrule the decision. But the tree thang just wasn’t in my wedding vision.

After several minutes of pleading my case, we did end up making a decision.

We both decided upon the Mansion Room.

Ahhh… a room with lots of white marble (look at that tub).  I dunno, we both liked it a lot and figured we could always come back and try the tree house room. Ha ha!

So the Mansion room it is! 🙂

And as we inch closer and closer to the big day (87 days!), the room we are going to stay in is honestly one of the last things on my mind. All I can think about is him all dressed up in his silver tux. I.cannot.freaking.wait.  🙂

Happy Wedding Wednesday Friends!


8 thoughts on “Our Wedding Night

  1. Awe! I kinda think the jungle room would be fun! But I’d def say the mansion room would be the way to go 😉 hey, you can always go back for the jungle room on your anniversary!

    Wow it’s coming up fast too! Yay! So exciting!

  2. We stayed in the Palace suite on our wedding night and it was fantastic. We had champagne and cheesecake and a very romantic time. I am sure that your stay will be fabulous!

  3. All those rooms sound awesome, although I’d worry about the swords coming off the wall in the Camelot room. The Palace room looks so fancy!

    My future husband and I will be spending our wedding night in a B&B in my hometown. We’re excited that the room has a stained glass window and a two-person jacuzzi tub. 🙂

  4. OMG, I was cracking up the whole way through this post, lol.

    Let’s see, I’ve stayed in the Romeo and Juliet room and in some other room with a jungle/hut theme…I can’t remember what room it was, suffice to say it is NOT a night I wish to remember. My boyfriend and I actually broke up right before our stay in that room, lol. We broke up at dinner beforehand. And it was our one year anniversary! LOL!

    Obviously, things worked out for the best 🙂

  5. What a great hotel, I love love love it. And I absolutely love the one you pick.

    Reading the line about not wanting to stay at his house or your apartment made me wonder: where are you going to live after the wedding? You might have mentioned it before but I can’t remember.

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