Idaho Girl

Hello from Riggins, Idaho!


That’s right bloggies, I’m out of town for a work meeting this week (hence the sporadic blogging and commenting).

But hey, I can’t complain too much, this view is amazing!


In between all the driving, eating, and meetings, I have had a little time  to hit up the hotel gym.

I was overly ecstatic when I learned there was one treadmill and one stationary bike. I’m serious. The town I’m in has a population on 400, so I wasn’t expecting to much in the gym department.


The mirrors make it look bigger!

But in true Linz fashion I hit up the shredmill yesterday and this morning to get in an early morning sweat-sesh.


Yesterday’s run a lovely 3.25 miles.

This morning I switched up the outfit a little bit. Decided to rock my new new Vibrams on the shreadmill.


Omigawsh! I haven’t talked at all about running in my Vibrams, but running on the mill in them was so fun!

My stats were similar to yesterday, around 3.25 miles. But I had such a runners high after running the Vibrams.

I promise to do a post about running in my Vibrams (and outside vs shredmill). I’m finding it so interesting!


Though most of you know I live in Boise, the town Riggins I’m in is about 3 hours away. It’s kind of a pass through town.

I’m really enjoying seeing this town, and spending a few days here instead of just viewing from the car window.


And I have lived in Idaho for 27 years, there are still many little gems that I’m discovering. I’ll say Riggins is one them. (And I’m here on the off-season).

This place is rafting and fishing central in the summer time. Might just have to come back!

Now I have to run back to more meetings. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

9 thoughts on “Idaho Girl

  1. looking forward to you Vibram post. i have yet to run in mine. i have a blister on my heel and am hoping it will go away soon so that i can try them out.

    looks like a very nice place for a work meeting.

  2. Looks like a pretty location.

    I saw your first picture of the gym and thought … wait why is she swaying ONE treadmill, there’s two. DUH! I’m a bit of a blondie sometimes – heehee (without a single blonde hair).

  3. I’ve seen those shoes before – glad you like them!

    The landscape is just beautiful there – I’ve never been to Idaho – sadly, the furthest west I have been is Iowa – how sad! 😀

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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