Weiser River Trail 50k Relay

There is only one reason this girl would get up at the butt crack of dawn (4:00 a.m.) on a Saturday morning…

And that is to run in a Relay race in small town Idaho!


We were still a bit sleepy on the 2 hour car ride to Council, Idaho for the start of the race.

But The Trail Running Diva’s were stoked be running in the Weiser River Trail 50k Relay Race!


(Jessica (our driver), Me, Sharon, Jen, Victoria & Maricela)

We overestimated on time, and arrived at the start very early. So naturally, we decided to take LOTS of pre-race photos.



I was really surprised at how small this race was. There were only a handful of relay teams, the rest of the racers were running the 50k solo.


50k is 30 miles! I was very excited that I only had 5 miles for my leg of the race and not 30. But how freaking cool though that I was running a race with Ultra Marathoners!

We were a little disappointed at the pre-race tunes, and had to pump ourselves up by telling jokes and being silly.


Sharon was assuming the position, and was ready to run!

They let the Ultra marathoners go first. We were in the second wave of the Relay runners, so had a little more time to kill until the start.

On your marks, get set… and GO!!!

100_5410 100_5411

Sharon took off for the first leg of our relay race. We drove our car through the beautiful winding roads until we reached the first check point.

Her leg was roughly 5 miles, and she rocked it!


Snapped a pre-run photo of Victoria, ready to run the 2nd leg of the race. She had 6.9 miles on her leg.


And she was off in no time!


The cool thing about this race, is the 30 mile trail we were running on, is said to have been an old rail road tracks between the small towns.

When the trains stopped running, they made the tracks into a path and now it serves as the most beautiful running trail along the Weiser River.

100_5423 100_5429

Maricella was gearing up for her leg, 9.6 miles!!

Victoria was plowing through to the check point….

100_5432 100_5433

And with the pass of the baton, Maricela was well on her way!


This race had great volunteers, and ample amount of water, snacks, and portapotties. You just never what you will get with a small race, and I must say, this one nailed it!

Funky panorama view of the start point before my 5 mile leg.


The weather was gorgeous! It was warm and sunny. And I was ready to rock my 5 miles.


Wooooo hoooooo!!! I was really excited by this point, and ready to run!  100_5438

The paved path soon turned into a gravel path. It was fun to run a trail, I’m usually on paved roads. So I welcomed the change.


I tried to enjoy every second of my run and took in the beautiful scenery around me. The rolling hills, the Weiser River, and there were even a mob of cows that I failed to snap a photo of.


I wasn’t super worried about time for our team, but personally wanted to kick into high gear for myself. So I focused on my splits, and tried to keep under an 11/min mile.

Most of the run I was between 10:15 –10:30 which I was super proud of.


I booked it to the next check point, and was so happy to see my time.

I checked  my garmin as I hit the checkpoint and realized it read 4.75 miles in 48 minutes.  Woooo hooo!! That was still a great time, though the course came up a bit short.


I passed off the baton and jumped back in the car to meet our last runner at the finish line.


Jen was major booking it too! She rocked her leg of the race, and brought home the Trail Running Divas!

100_5450 100_5451

We actually finished the whole 30 mile relay in 5 hours and 40 minutes (we started 30 minutes later than when the clock started).

So right about the time it took me to run a full marathon by myself. LOL! Not sure if an Ultra Marathon is the cards for me. Well, never say never, I guess.

The Trail Running Divas were rockin’ the styling hats we received for finishing the race. We also scored a sweet t-shirt and a little goody bag.


I think I heart small town races!

If you were at all confused at the fact that I ran in this race, you probably should be. It wasn’t neccesarily on my radar either. A friend had to drop out last minute, and I was asked to replace her. I was so happy that I got the chance to run in this race. It was by far one of the most scenic trails I have run on!

Have you ever signed up for a race last minute?

I knew that I was trained enough to run a 5 mile leg, since I still feel a bit amped up from my last race. And just to give you all a head’s up, I’m running in another race this coming Saturday! That’s 3 races in 4 weeks. LOVE IT!!!!!! 🙂

Happy Monday Friends!


12 thoughts on “Weiser River Trail 50k Relay

  1. How fun! I would love to do a relay one of these days. You definitely won’t catch me running 30 miles solo. 😉

    Congrats on your leg and to the whole team!

  2. Beautiful trail!

    I ran the Country Music 1/2 marathon this weekend…made the decision on Tuesday and signed up at the expo at 6:30 on Friday night (the race was Saturday morning) despite not having run longer than 7.5 miles since my 1/2 marathon in mid-Feb! A friend had been asking me to join her and I figured the goal would be to have fun…not every race can be a PR, right? 🙂 Surprisingly I held up fairly well and still did better on this course than last year, so I didn’t even have a PW (which I was expecting!)

  3. All your race recaps make me remember how much fun races are! 🙂 Can’t wait for the race for the cure and yes, I’d definitely like to get in another run before Sat!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome! I cannot wait for my relay. This one is really cool because it’s all on a trail. You did wonderfully!

    Ha ha. I did a 5K last minute one morning when I got to the park to run 13 and saw a 5K was happening too! 🙂

  5. Looks like such a fun race and BEAUTIFUL course! Glad you had fun. I like your team’s name and shirts… very cute and classy.

    I have signed up for a few 5Ks on the fly, but never a longer race. I signed up for one in my hometown last year and took 2nd in my AG.

    Relays are a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to running Ragnar again this year. 🙂

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