My FiveFingers

Which oddly enough has nothing to do with the fingers on my hand, but the toes on my feet. What?

Who named them Fivefingers anyways? Super confusing if you ask me.

Anywho, this post has been a few weeks in the making. I have been running in vibrams for almost 3 weeks now, and am absolutely astonished that I haven’t written about it yet.

So here it is friends!

My Vibram Fivefingers Review:

I bought my first pair of Vibrams back in January….

And have been wearing them as much as possible when I am not at work to get my leg muscles accustomed to the new style of walking.

Because you are practically barefoot, you are forcing your legs to work different muscles when you walk/run in the Vibrams. So that is why there is a caution to start out slow in them. You could seriously injure yourself if you are not careful.

These cute little pink Vibrams are the Classic model.

006 007

After hearing all the raves from J. Alabama, I finally decided I was ready to take them to the pavement.

I set out for 1 mile run, just to get a feel for them.

008 009

My feet made a little pitter patter noise as they hit the cement. And I felt like I was prancing down the greenbelt.

Weirdly enough, my strides felt hard(er). Like it took a little more energy to run. But at the same time I felt lighter.

But I felt great with each step. Until, (twice) I tripped over my own feet. I realized that I am a shuffler when I run, and this doesn’t bode so well in Vibram running.


The damage… a hole in the toe of my Vibrams. First time running in them and got a hole. 😦

Aftermath: The day after (and the following 4 days after) I felt excruciating soreness in my calves. Like I barely move they hurt so bad.

1 mile in these babies, and I was hurting. But to be fair, this was my first run post-Robie Creek, so I may have still been a little sore from the beast of a mountain.


After my first run in the Classic Vibrams, I wasn’t completely sold on them.

I stopped by my local running store and walked out with these.


The Bikila model. I dunno there was just an instant love with these. As soon as I tried them on I knew it was a match.

There is a slight bit of padding inside the shoe (which adds bit more comfort than the Classics). And I believe the stability of having the full shoe coverage helped a lot too.

The true test came when I took them out on their first run.


This time, I did a combo of 2.5 mile run/walk.

Love Love Love! Every step I took I seriously felt like was running on a cloud. My steps felt even lighter than in the classics, and I did not trip over my own feet.

I even tested them out on the shredmill for a 3.25 miler run a week later to really see how they held up.


It was glorious. It was one my better shredmill runs. My feet hitting the tread, it made me feel fast, and strong.

Aftermath: I had zero calve pain after running in the Bikilas. And they felt amazing. I’m totally SOLD on these now.


What I have decided, is that I’m going to use my Classics for running errands, going to yoga class, riding my bike etc..

024 100_5265

But when it’s time for running, I’m going to gradually incorporate the Bikilas into being my permanent running shoes.


I will carefully and mind fully start running longer distances in the Bikilas, But not without slowly adding in the miles. So probably add 1 per week as I get into the longer distances.

I will keep you posted on how I like them as I run in them more. In the meantime I will be switching between these and my regular running shoes as I “wean” myself off of running shoes.

In doing this, I must be super aware of my feet. J. Alabama pulled a muscle in foot when he switched between regular running shoes and Vibrams. It’s a totally different step in your running.


Meg & I after my first Bikila run

So my plan is to run my shorter runs in the Bikilas adding 1 mile a week in distance. And my longer runs will be done in regular shoes, until I am comfortable in the longer distances in the Vibrams.

Any thoughts from anyone else that has made the Vibram switch?

And if you have any other questions regarding running in Vibrams, please ask them in the comments section. I will work with J. Alabama (since he has been running in his for over 6 months) to answer all your questions.

Thanks and Happy Running! 🙂


12 thoughts on “My FiveFingers

  1. Those are flashy and so cute! 🙂

    I actually had NO idea there were different kinds of VFFs. Awesome that you found a style that works for you! Good luck with the transition.

  2. Yay! I love that picture after our run/walk, it cracks me up. If it makes you feel any better, I shuffle my feet quite a bit too… I have a feeling I’d probably trip once or twice in vibrams!

    I’m out for another run today!

  3. How fun!! I have a lot of runner friends that run in VFF and they *LOVE* them….I keep debating on em, but I’m just starting to get faster and enjoy long runs in my regular shoes, so I’m so hesitant to try!

  4. NICE!!! I’ve been going back and forth about getting the vibrams, I’m gonna go get fitted (maybe this weekend) and see how it goes. I think I overpronate so I’m not sure how that would work.

  5. That’s so encouraging to hear that the Vibrams are working out for you. I have a pair of VFF KSOs that I took out on a run recently and loved, but you’re right about the calf pain… holy cow! I haven’t decided when I will transition to them, but I like them. My pace slowed considerably while wearing them, I noticed. My fiance has a pair of Bikilas and he likes them a lot.

  6. So glad you like the Vibrams! I have been running in mine since January and I love them! I also have the Bikila. Yesterday I ran 7.15K (around 4.5miles) and I felt great. The only calf pain I got was when I did hills as I was really on my tip toes. The best part yet is running in the grass!! Keep reviewing them, I love to know how others are doing with them.

  7. This is a great review and happy for you you enjoy them so much. I don’t really feel the need myself to run in these shoes but I am interested to keep hearing about it. One can always change her mind right?

  8. ive been waiting for this post!

    i didnt realize that you have 2 pairs now. thats cool.

    i have the sprints and i love em except they bother my the back of my foot a little. but i am slowly getting some tougher skin back there and they are slowly getting better.

    i have been walking in mine, mayeb 4 or 5 walks and have ran once in them. like u, i will start of slow and eventually build up milage. i want to run at least 1 race in them this year.
    question: is ur ultimte goal to fully run in them? and not in ur regular running shoes?
    i am not sure what i want to do.

    • I’m not quite sure either. I’m going to try running in them full time for awhile and see how I like it. I will let you know! My classics hurt the back of my heel too.

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