Taking To the Pool

That’s right friends, I took it to the pool this morning.


Also known as I just tried out Water Aerobics for the first time!

I got an invite from my Aunt & Cousin to join them in their early morning Water Aerobic fun. Of course I said HECK yeah!

I’m super nervous when it comes to the pool & swimming, so meeting them and doing the class together sounded like a sweet idea.


There were so many toys that go along with water aerobics. I had no idea!

Such as arm/leg weights, for added resistance in the water.


There was also a water belt, that keeps you afloat in the water.

It also adds some resistance when you are in the water, depending on which move you are doing.


And there are also water booey weight things.

We used these quite frequently and used them for more than just bicep curls.


Working out in the pool never felt so good! And was far more different that I thought it would be.

It was actually quite hard!


We did some really fun moves with the noodles too. Talk about trying to do push-ups and holding the plank position in the water. It was awesome! Awesomely hard!

Over the course of the 60 minute class, we did jogging drills, and jumping rope, and leap frogs, and cross country moves.

I could tell I was getting a good workout, becuase my core felt tight and I was breathing hard.

It was fun to switch it up and try something new. The instructor told me that running in water is a great cross training for my running. That made me want to go back and delve deeper into water aerobics.

Have you tried water aerobics or aqua jogging?  I’m definitely going to try this class again!


TGIF!  I’m running The Race For the Cure 5k tomorrow! 🙂 YAY!


10 thoughts on “Taking To the Pool

  1. That sounds like so much fun! The gyms out here dont’ have pools (at least not the ones I’ve been to). oh and great cause to run for! Have fun!!!

  2. omg so much fun. i have never tried water aerobics but would love to.
    i have tried some water running but only in the shallow end as we do not have any water floating vests.

    and yes push ups and planks in the water sound VERY hard!
    good luck on ur race tomorrow. i feel like u r doing so many this year. YAY for RACE BLING!

  3. You did great for your first offical water aerboic work out – your awesome! Come on in the water any time sweet girl! xxoo!

  4. I used to take an aquasize class around here but it was NOTHING like that! We just moved through the water – not of that fancy stuff! Sounds like a great class and a fun way to mix it up.

  5. I’ve done water aerobics, but never water running. They offer 2 classes at our pool. One is in chest deep water. I’ve done that class and honestly I had to try quite hard to make it somewhat challening. There is a deep water class that is supposed to be much harder, but I’ve never managed to make it to a class. Hmmm, maybe I should get out there one of these days. 😉

  6. I could never get into water aerobics. I need to feel the sweat on my body, and the thought of breathing heavy and catching my breath in a pool of water makes me feel anxious. For this reason I don’t see myself ever becoming a triathlete. Swimming is for recreation only in my life.

    However, there is something intriguing about aqua jogging and for some reason I feel I could do that if I needed to rest of actual running.

  7. I’ve never taken an aquajogging or aqua-aerobics class before, but I’m interesting in pool running as cross-training so I don’t pound the hell out of my knees.

    I like reading about all the different fitness classes you take. Working out sounds like so much fun for you, and that’s awesome!

    Have fun at the 5K! Can’t wait to see pics! 🙂

  8. I’ve tried water aerobics and kept going for a few months too. I liked it at that time.

    Good for you for exploring new things.

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