Naked Runners Series


After my successful “Naked Run” a week ago, I put out a call to you all to send me your naked running stories.

I have recieved a few so far and wanted to share one of  them with you today.

I honestly think the naked running was such a great experience for me, that I am going to start a Naked Running Series on here, for you to send me your stories.


Today’s Naked Runner Story:

Meet Dave (on the right)!

It’s interesting how liberating it is to run without a watch or Garmin every now and then.

This is something I have been trying myself in recent races and really enjoying the freedom it gives you as well as allowing you to better listen to your body and perceive your feelings during the race.

One observation I have made is that I no longer start a race, crouched over with my finger on the start button of my watch, anxiously waiting for the starter’s gun to fire.
I make a point of really soaking up this moment, looking around and breathing in the excitement that is race day.

I have attached a pic from a recent 10K I did ‘naked’, where I also gave my new Vibrams their first competitive outing. I was lucky to run with my brother for a lot of it. Felt great and looking forward to racing like this again soon.

If you’re interested, check out the website/blog that a friend and I have created:

I have set myself a challenge for May, to run all my runs naked. So far it’s going well and not really missing the gadgets at all. After each run I make sure I document how the run went commenting on the connections made.

Here is an example:

Minimal in May Run #5 (Byron Bay Tri – run leg)
– Combat Gear: tri-top, tri-shorts, hat, sunnies, Bikilas
– Social Connection: lots of +ve exchanges with competitors + supporters
– Environment Connection: beautiful setting for a race, cracking day; mix of road, concrete path, grass, park and short rocky trail.
– Body Connection: quads screaming by the end, left ankle tight.

Thank you Dave for your Naked Running Story! And good luck on your Naked May Running Challenge!


If you have a Naked Running Story, please feel free to send it my way. I will be posting them periodically!

Happy Running Friends!

3 thoughts on “Naked Runners Series

  1. Wow, I’m so proud of you! I’m just too scared to try barefoot running just yet. Maybe one day, but not now.

    I’ll definately let you know how the sugarfree thing goes. I’m kinda scared about it, but I’m starting to pay attention to what I’m eating more.

    I started reading my Runner’s World the other day and noticed Idaho made it into the “Rave Run” picture in the front! So pretty!

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