Something Old

This post is part of my Wedding Wednesday Series. A chance for me to ramble on about non-running wedding related stuff.


When I first wrote about my wedding dress (in The Dress, Part I), I told a great story of a beautiful dress of my Grandmother’s.

It was a dress that had also been worn by my mother on her wedding day and my aunt on her wedding day.

The day came when I tried it on and there was no way it was going to fit. So we pondered ideas on how we could still incorporate it into my wedding.


With the blessing of my grandmother and her skilled and talented hands, she took apart a piece of her dress and made into my “something old”.

The instant I saw it, the biggest grin appeared on my face.

“Do you like it?” My grandma asked.

“It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect!” I said, as I felt my face swelling up and was finding it hard to swallow.

I’m actually surprised I didn’t full out cry. My Grandma had just cut off part of her dress to make me a garter.


But I was touched. So very touched that the women in my family who had all adorned this beautiful dress before me,  were allowing me to take in the tradition too. Though I will only be wearing it on my leg, the love and tradition will still be there.

And in the tradition of wearing the garter, comes the tradition of throwing the garter. She’s a smart woman my Grandma! She made me one to wear on my wedding day to keep, and gave me another one to wear and toss.

So I will proudly wear my “something old” close to me on my wedding day.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


13 thoughts on “Something Old

  1. omg, im have pms right now and i am full out crying!
    i dotn know whats wrong with me today!

    that is a wonderful story. thats the best ‘something old’ i have ever heard off.

    ur wedding is sooo close!

  2. that is AWESOME! I still have to figure out my garter. Not sure what I am wearing yet, but I know my fiance does not want to do a garter toss which kind of bums me out cause it is a fun tradition. but I know he would feel awkward going under my dress in front of all our family.

  3. Oh my gosh, your grandma is a sweetheart. What a fun and clever idea of incorporating that beautiful dress into your wedding day! That’s so awesome!

    I have no idea what my “something old” is going to be. I was thinking about reworking my First Communion veil into my wedding veil. We’ll see…

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