In the name of all things fitness and fun, I finally gave in to Meg’s pleads to try out Pilates.


Now, I’m all for trying new things, heck I actually seek out new and fun activities, but for some reason I was a little hesitant about Pilates. I’m not really even sure why, because I have taken two different PiYo (Pilates + Yoga) classes before but still I was scared.

I now know why…..

Because the pilates class I took earlier this week is going to be forever referred to as Pil-OWWWW-tes. As in OW! OW! OW! It hurts.

This class took ab and core work to a whole new level!

I was sweating, and breathing hard, and struggling through this whole class. I definitely have a tolerance for cardio and endurance related activities, but strength and core related ones I’m sitting at nothing.

I didn’t really even know what to expect when the teacher asked us to grab a ball and this jump rope looking thingie.

But then quickly learned that we would use this equipment for added resistance during certain exercises.

Throughout the class we did yoga inspired moves, but they were made harder with the use of the above equipment. And let’s not forget the MILLION ab routines we did, as well as core work.

I can honestly say that this class was worth taking. I only wish this class didn’t interfere with my favorite Spin class.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed/excited by all the fitness options?

I seriously get excited when I get to plan out my workout routine for the week. And sometimes I get a little overly excited and then this happens on my calendar…


Don’t worry, I’m not really going to engage in ALL these activities today. My strategy is to put all the potential workouts of the day on my calendar so I can “block” out room for them and then usually end up doing 1 out of the bunch.

Just looking at all those “potential” workouts are making me tired. And yes my abs STILL hurt from Monday Pil-OW-tes!

TGIAF (Thank god it’s almost Friday!)

11 thoughts on “Pil-OWW-tes

  1. I saw your schedule and was like wowsers!!! LOL I def couldn’t do all at the same time but it’s a great idea to block out a lot of time so you can do whichever you’d like!! All of those options look like the activities I love to do so you have a tough choice ahead of you! 🙂

  2. I wish that I could afford a gym that offers many diverse classes. I am sure I would get overwhelmed (I cannot even decide what bars to get from the stores when there are too many choices) but there are so many fun things I want to try!

  3. I love Pilates although I’m not doing it at the moment. I felt muscles at place I didn’t even know I had muscles 🙂

    The gym I’m with now doesn’t have much group classes. The fact that it’s so close to home made me decide to go there (5 minute walk, 2 minute biking). But I sometimes miss the gym I was at 3 years ago because they had a lot of classes to choose from. That’s why I’m thinking about going back there even though it’s 10 minutes by car and in a different town. I’ve got 8 more months to think about this 🙂

  4. I totally ♥ Pilates! Such a great workout that really makes me feel fantastic. I used to take a weekly class of it, but can no longer afford it. Awesome for improving posture. I’m not a yoga fun, but I’m all about pilates.

  5. Hahaha, you didn’t say much on Monday so it was fun reading your response to trying out pilates. The good news is that you get better pretty quick… now you see why! 😉 I hope you’ll come again.

  6. I usually think that yoga is hard enough for me. I couldn’t imagine doing pilates, too. I think it’s awesome that you try so many classes. Definitely keeps your body guessing! 🙂

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