Today is Bike to Work Day

Did you ride your bike to work today? 

You might remember that last May I was very participatory in National Bike Month.

I took the opportunity to really get into the groove of biking to work in efforts to save a little on gas, burn a few extra calories, and really just enjoy the 2 mile commute to work in the open fresh air.

Besides my random biking adventure a few weeks ago, Sea Breeze has not been taken out for a ride. And that I am ashamed of.

It’s National Bike month for godsake, and the month is practically over. What am I waiting for?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the green belt still looks like this.

Nice and flooded in many of the parts that happen to be on my route to work. Nice.

But that is no excuse to miss “Bike to Work day”. No excuse indeed.

So I followed my own commuting tips and geared up for my first bike to work adventure of the year. Yippee!!

So I packed my work clothes last night,  making sure to include extra make-up for a touch-up at work, some deodorant, and a hair brush. I was was also happy to remember that I already have lunch plans with friends, so trying to pack a lunch as well, was not needed this time around.

And I got up an extra half hour early, so I could account for any obstacles *ahem flooded river paths* along the way.

And Sea breeze and I were off!

The commute by bike seemed to rejuvenate me, like that of a cup of joe. But I felt more refreshed and more alert as I walked into the office this morning.

It’s funny how easily I forgot how freaking awesome it is to ride my bike to work.

I know it’s not possible for everyone to take part in this Bike to work adventure, but again I encourage you all to try and make one change in your commute next week.

See if you can walk to the store instead of drive. Or bike to dinner instead of drive.

Biking to work was a success! And I will be doing this a lot more often this summer. It honestly only took a few extra minutes in my commute.

It does take a little extra prep, but it’s totally worth it!

For more information on Commuting to Work by Bike check out this link.

Happy Bike To Work Day!


12 thoughts on “Today is Bike to Work Day

  1. I walked to the train station. does that count?
    my bike is still at my parents house and i dont even know if its operational. but i will find out!!!

    great job on riding ur bike to work. i wish i worked closer. after my 20 minute walk, i still have to be on the train for 40 mins to get to my work. yuck!

    ok happy friday. have a great weekend

  2. Yay to biking to work and to lunching with friends which I’m looking forward to!! Brooke will be so proud of you. Sounds like you had a good morning. See ya soon!

  3. Good for you! I wish I was close enough to bike to work… I know, I know, I have run here before but I am NOT comfortable enough on my bike for 19 miles of busy roads!

  4. I love that you biked to work! This is amazing!!! It looks like you have a pretty scenic ride too. I wish I could bike to work, but I have a 60 minute drive, so it would take me all day to bike to work! But, I will take you up on your suggestion to try biking to other places! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. YAY for you and Sea Breeze!

    Our weather has finally allowed me to get back on my bike recently. I rode once last week and three times this week. Yesterday I needed my car as we were in much need of a huge grocery shop and it made more sense to take the car.

    Every spring I forget how much I enjoy commuting by bike. It only takes me slightly longer than driving, yet I’m burning calories and saving quite a bit of money on fuel. Win-Win!

    Sorry you guys are getting wolloped with some flooding there too. 😦 Hope it clears up for you soon.

  6. Wow, I can’t believe there are areas that are still flooded! That’s just crazy!

    Glad you enjoyed your bike ride to work. Biking to work would be difficult for me, since the only way to cross the Minnesota River to get to Burnsville is via major highways, but maybe I’ll take the bus one day. 🙂

  7. I have a lot of people who bike to work. My best friend does it every day, no matter what kind of weather it is. For me it’s just a bit too far to bike to work and two days a week I have to bring Bella to doggy day care.

    I did go by bike once to work, it was supposed to take about 45 minutes but I got lost and it took me over an hour to get to work. When hub called and asked if he had to pick me up after work I said yes LOL

  8. Dear Linzi,

    It’s Monday morning 7.30 am here and I want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you have an awesome day.

    Big birthday kiss and hug!


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