My 27th Year

So it’s official– today is the day where I can no longer be referred to as being in the mid-to-late 20’s.

I’ve full on delved into the “late 20’s” category.

But I’m perfectly okay with it. I’ve had a pretty ROCKIN’ 27th year.

Since today is my birthday, and I can cry, run, blog if I want to, I thought it only right to recap some of the most memorable happenings of my 27th year.

I am thinking it might be hard to top 27, but I also know there are many awesome things in store for me during my 28th year.

My 27th Year: In no particular order…..

1 year: One Year Blogiversary

♥: Joining Team In Training & Training for a marathon

♥: Girls Weekend in SL,UT (Salt Lake, UT) 🙂

5k: A new 5k Personal Record! (28:59)

: Road Trippin’: Denver & New Mexico w/ J. Alabama

10 Miles: My first time running in the double digits

: Running in The Sawtooth Relay

13.1 miles: Conquering Robie Creek!

Family Snowshoeing Weekend

: The Dirty Dash!

: Saying YES to my best friend! (The engagement)

26.2!: Running my FIRST Marathon in San Francisco!

J. Alabama’s Graduation & Army Commissioning Ceremony

It’s fun to look back at all that I’ve accomplished and all that I have experienced. I’m truly grateful for all my loving friends family, and bloggy friends.

All your support and love throughout the last year has been amazing.

Cheers to my 28th year! May it be even more awesome-sauce than the last.

(Oh and a big shout out to my sistah Jessikah & Fran who both had their b-day’s yesterday! Happy Birthday!!!)

14 thoughts on “My 27th Year

  1. Congrats on turning 28. From a current 28 year old, I can tell you that I’m sure you’ll have another amazing year with an even bigger milestone (marriage) awaiting you. Have a great day and a super Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Thank you sweety!

    Again happy birthday and what a great year you’ve had. But I bet next year will be even better for you as you are getting married this year.

    Have a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday and welcome to 28! 28 is a great year!
    hope you had an amazing birthday and you got spoiled by j.A and ur family!

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