Superhero 5k

I like to think that our Superhero 5k run on Saturday evening saved the world.


J. Alabama’s roommate was moving away so we decided to throw him the BEST going away party ever!

I don’t think any going away party is complete until you have people running around in spandex and neon colors dressed like superheroes.

Am I right?

240645_10150183209655216_717790215_7398958_4386878_o (2)



This was probably the most dressed up I have ever been for a run, and let me tell you it was a blast running through the town all decked out.


The pictures above are J. Alabama & his roomie who is leaving. They were showing off their superhero muscles. LOL!

Before we headed off onto the run we gathered for an EPIC SUPERHERO group pic.


And then like superheroes fighting crime, we were off to save the world, one mile at a time!




I forgot to mention that I had already ran 7.75 miles earlier in the day (I opted to split my 11 mile long run into two smaller runs).


But let me tell you, my legs were tired this second time around. I had to give it my all to keep up with the pack.

You’d think the cape would have made run faster right?!


It was fun running through the grass in my vibrams!

We finally made it to the finish line to find out that J. Alabama had added a little twist to the Superhero 5k.


It involved us not being officially “finished” until we shot gunned an icy cold beer.



Ugghh! He had to show me how.

That’s what I call a #Sororitygirlfail! Seriously, shouldn’t I have learned that in college?


What a going away party! I absolutely loved the fact that a bunch of people ran through town dressed up like Superheroes. So fun!


Have you ever  dressed up for a race?

I’ve always wanted to, but I worry too much about chaffing issues and the distraction of it all. So at least now I can officially say I have!

Happy Tuesday friends! And you are welcome, you know… for us all saving the world on Saturday! 🙂


Running Naked Reports:

*Mark from Wait…You Run? Here is his TC 1 mile naked race report

* Richelle from Running Toward a Higher CallingHere is her Medtronic TC 1 naked mile report


10 thoughts on “Superhero 5k

  1. I’ve been creeper-rific for a long time now, but I had to break my silence to comment on this blog!
    First, because I can’t believe you didn’t know how to shotgun a beer. #supersororitygirlfail, my sister.
    Second, There’s an actual group of “superheroes” in downtown Salt Lake City fighting crime and helping the homeless.
    Third, since I hadn’t said it yet, Congrats on the engagement, you two make an awesome couple. Miss you 🙂

  2. So wait, was this an “official” 5k or was this just your friends and you running a 5k through town? If it’s the latter, that is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. That is the best going away party EVER. I love the costumes, the neon, the spandes, and the crepe paper finish line tape!!

    I have never really dressed up for a run, like in a costume. For the Race for the Cure each year, I always deck myself out in hot pink and black and don my pink ribbon knee socks, but that’s about as crazy as I have gotten. There is a run in Charlotte, NC called The Night of the Ninja 5k. You are supposed to dress up like and ninja and it is a late evening 5k through downtown sponsored by some brewery. Imagine that, several hundred “ninjas” taking over downtown Charlotte! Ha!

    On a side note, I love how your VFF’s match your ensemble! Well done!

  3. I love running in costume! I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve for races this summer. 🙂

    Your superhero 5K looks like it was a blast! Hmmm… I’ll have to organize a fun run with my friends sometime. 🙂

  4. Oh Linzi what a great idea and so much fun. You and your friends sure know how to party, you always do such fun things. I can’t wait to hear what they have planned for your and J. Alabama’s bachelor parties 🙂

    I have never dressed up for a run. Have to say that it’s not very common here too. I did saw some people at my half on Eastern Monday dressed as Eastern bunnies and we do have a few Santa races in December where people dress up as Santa.

  5. Oh my gosh. You are too cute! I love this post. What a fun idea. And I love that expression on your face when J. Alabama is explaining the beer. Ha ha ha.

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