A Snap Shot

*Today’s post is part of my Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about wedding stuff*

Please note that all photos used in this post are my own personal photos.


Choosing our wedding photographer was hands down the hardest decision we had to make. And it quite honestly caused the most arguments to date since we began planning our wedding.

After my millionth email to J. Alabama of wedding photography sites, I thought he was going to call the whole darn thing off.

I just finally had to realize that picking the photographer just wasn’t his thang, even though it was all I could think about.

Unfortunately picking our photographer didn’t just involve me liking their photography skills, but it involved us liking them and them liking us.

We found our photographer Greg Hoskins at the Wedding Show when I was looking for our DJ.  Though I wasn’t looking for a photographer at the moment,  I remember his photography captivated me.

It gave me goosebumps just looking at his work.

I attempted to make an appointment with Greg, but couldn’t do so unless both J. and I were present.

Getting J. Alabama there was like pulling teeth. He made it clear to me that he cared about the food and the cake, and not so much about the photography.

But Greg insisted that we both needed to be there for the interview to make sure we all jived. And with that J. Alabama and I had our interview with our photographer.

Greg’s whole photography inspiration can be found here.

His outlook on photography is so different than I expected. He does this job because of the connection between people. It’s more than just a love for photography.

Though I loved his reasoning for doing what he does, I loved his photography even more. Every picture looks like it could adorn the cover of a magazine.

I can’t wait until that magazine cover looking photo is of J. Alabama and I!

J. Alabama couldn’t deny Greg Hoskin’s talent and knew he would do an amazing job for us. So he helped me end the the photography argument of 2011 by giving me permission to book Greg Hoskins as our wedding photographer.

And you may be asking why I needed permission from J. Alabama to book our photographer…Well I sat on this decision for days and days and days.

J. Alabama said the decision was up to me, as he would be happy as long as I was happy.

So I finally asked him permission to make this choice. It felt easier for him to say yes to me, than me just making the decision on my own.

And with all the excitement about booking with Greg Hoskins, I’m even more jazzed to see his work being featured over at The Wedding Chicks blog today.
59 days friends… 59 days! 🙂


11 thoughts on “A Snap Shot

  1. That’s what marriage is all about…the women makes the decision, but makes her man feel like he had a part in it too =) J/K!

    You two are just too dang cute. I love reading about your wedding planning =) You are doing it your own way, and you are going to thank the stars that you did. My mom told me if she had it to do over, she would do things SO much differently, not just tradition.

  2. I love the photography on the Wedding Chicks Website. How exciting that you’ve picked someone so great. I can’t wait to see all the photos from your wedding!!

  3. i could have totally written this post! haha
    me and the bf have the same views on pictures. i love them, he hates them. im sure that the photographer for our wedding is going to be my choice and my choice only. hahha
    but im glad that you got one.
    everything is coming together so nice for u! im soooo excited. 59 days is soooo soon!

    ps. check ur email.

  4. 59 days! EEE!

    I can’t wait to see your photos – I love that it’s so important to your photographer that he has a personal connection with the couple. I’m sure it will be amazing!

  5. Photography was a big deal for me too. I looked at tons – most were so expensive I could not believe it. But I finally found one I loved!

  6. Personally I would think the photographer is more important than the cake. The cake is gone in an hour but your wedding photos last forever and you want to look at them over and over again.

  7. Finding a photographer is a big deal, but I’m glad you found one that is perfect for you and J. Alabama.

    Our wedding photographer is a classmate of mine from college. She’s taking our engagement photos on June 6.

  8. Glad it worked out!! I married my husband on a beach – just our kids, his parents, my Mom, and actually my MIL made most of the plans since we got married in Naples, FL where his folks live.

    My wedding dress cost $19 at Filene’s basement, because I got married in December and it was the previous summers dress. I think all told, we spent $2000 on our wedding – yep, I am that low maintenance! 😀

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