Pilates in the Park


I hope everyone had a great weekend & Memorial Day! 🙂

My weekend was jam-packed with activities like seeing Flogging Molly in Concert, doing a 7 mile run, Mother-of-the-bride dress shopping and Pilates in the Park!


I love that Lululemon puts on free Yoga sessions in the park every Saturday. This last weekend they did a free Pilates class while collecting donations towards Girls On The Run.


I also found out that my friend James Orr was playing his music live while we did our Pilates class.

So I saw this opportunity as a triple win! Free Pilates, James Orr live music, and helping Girls on the Run. Can’t beat that!


And I was super glad that my mom wanted to come with me. It was a great way to start off our Saturday indeed.


So I took my first ever Pilates class about two weeks ago, and thought I would be fine jumping right into this class.

Well I’m not going to lie, it was a hard class. It may have been the fact that it was a bit chilly out too, and we are doing Pilates moves on uneven ground.


But jeeze, I really worked up a sweat in a matter of minutes and was pretty sore all weekend from this little workout.


But if I remember right, I referred to my last Pilates experience as Pil-OW-tes. I’m thinking that’s about right. Though it’s a good hurt.


My favorite part of taking this free class, was the fact that we got stare at the beautiful Capitol while we held our moves. Loved it!



And who am I kidding… having live music while doing free Pilates in the park… uhhh that rocked too! Never experienced that before, but it made the class a lot more fun.


If you ever have a chance to join in on one Lululemon’s free classes (I know they do them all over, not just in Boise), you totally should.

Did you do anything fun and exciting this past weekend?

I’m just hoping the weather will clear up soon, so I can run without getting drenched! LOL.

Happy Tuesday Friends!!


11 thoughts on “Pilates in the Park

  1. Fantastic! This is so cool and fun. I wish we had something like that. Maybe we do in the big cities but unfortunately not where I live.

  2. Well … you did inspire me to check into it, and we do have something like that here. The closest location is a 45 min drive away. Bummer! There is one store a little closer (maybe 35 min) but they only offer a run club.

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