I’m so happy that June is here, but I must say that May was a very fun month for me!

I may be partial to loving the month of May due to it being my birthday month, but even besides that, it was fun fun fun!

So I may be a year older,  but that’s not going to hold me back. If anything, it makes me want to DO MORE! 🙂


I’m happy with the outcome of my May goals.

I knew with wedding planning, graduation parties, going-away parties, etc that it was going to be difficult to meet each goal, so I set the bar high in hopes of coming close.

What I accomplished in May:

Total May Mileage: 55.75 miles(goal was 60)

# of runs: 13

Races Ran: 2

Fitness Classes: 7 classes + 1 Bike to Work day!

# of double workout days: 3


My attitude towards June is this…

I want it to be JUNE-RIFIC!

June Goals:

Here is what I intend to accomplish:

  • See Jane Run: Chocolate & Champagne Half Marathon
  • Run more than 60 Miles
  • Ride Bike to work once per week minimum
  • Cross training at least 2x per week
  • Heidi & Aneta’s 30 Days of being Active Challenge

Besides my fitness goals, I have a few exciting personal things to look forward to as well. Stay tuned! 😉

Hope you all have a JUNE-RIFIC month!


Something to do:


10 thoughts on “Junerific!

  1. i think i already ‘like’ ur facebook page.
    yay for Junerific! its gonna be a good month. thnx for joining the 30 for Me challenge. CHeck out the spreadsheet. I sent you the link.

    have a great day and a fantastic month!

  2. May looked fun. How did you feel about those stickers under your eyes? They gave them out at the Girls on the Run 5k and some of the little girls wore them.

  3. May was awesome and it looks like a great plan for June! Good luck hitting those goals! And sooo jealous of the half marathon. Chocolate and champagne? YES PLEASE!

  4. You did great in May, so cool to see the pics again, especially the superhero run was so cool.

    And I like your goals for June. Add one more to the 30 days of activity challenge because I joined Heidi in this too.

  5. You had a great month in May, and no doubt June will be even better. Glad you’ll be doing the 30 Days as well! Gotta love a joint commitment.

  6. You had an awesome May! It’s hard to believe it’s June- you are getting married SO soon! 😀

    Chocolate and Champagne half marathon sounds freaking awesome!

  7. What an awesome May you had! So jealous that you’re doing the See Jane Run Half-Marathon. Chocolate is one of my favorite foods, and I’ll take a little champagne with it, too! 🙂

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