Breaking Barriers

This past weekend, I ran my longest solo run ever. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself! 🙂


So I got up at a god awful early hour and was determined to get in 12 miles before my 11:30 am Bridal Shower Saturday.

And though you are all probably thinking, what was she worried about…she just ran Robie, and even a marathon last year…what’s the big deal?


I still have HUGE mental blocks when it comes to running. Especially when I have to set out to do it alone.

I’m not sure why after 2 years of running, 15 races run, and several huge running milestones reached that I have still have these barriers…but I do.

Saturday was the day I was going to break through them.


It literally took one foot in front of the other, and the mindset that I wasn’t going to stop until that clock reached 12 miles ran.

The first 5 miles flew right on by. I couldn’t believe how good I felt at that point.


Around mile 7 I actually ran into the Team In Training people. There is a whole new batch of TNTers training for the Nike Women’s Marathon next October.

Ahh…. can you believe that a year ago I was embarking on such an amazing adventure?

Remembering how I felt the first time I ran 7 miles, 10 miles, 12 miles etc with my team last year…actually really helped me get through  my 12 mile run.


It reminded me that I whether I was running with a group or running alone, I could do this. And I just kept going.

I finished off my run in a record breaking (at least for me) 2 hours and 22 minutes!


I was actually quite surprised by this time, and know that a 2.5 hour Half-Marathon is DEFINITELY within my reach!

12 miles | 2:22:26

  1. 11:50
  2. 11:49
  3. 10:42
  4. 11:00
  5. 12:12
  6. 11:41
  7. 11:58
  8. 13:05
  9. 11:36
  10. 11:25
  11. 12:58
  12. 12:05

I’m pretty happy with these miles splits, and can see a HUGE improvement from last year.


When it comes to running mental blocks, my only advice is to push yourself through it.

I am not worried about running a double-digit run alone now, because I went out there and rocked it!


An update on my 30 days of being active… I’ve already had one set-back, which actually motivated me more to not miss another day.

  • June 1:  60 minute body pump class
  • June 2: 😦
  • June 3: 45 minute hike
  • June 4: 12 mile run
  • June 5: 60 minute cruiser bike ride

I’m really really excited with the way June is shaping up already!

Happy Monday Friends!! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Breaking Barriers

  1. Your running scenery looks nice! You will get to love solo runs…..I perfer running alone most of the time!

  2. Cant wait for shower stories and pictures. that is a great run. the barriers can be so hard. pick up the book ultra marathon man. it helps me a lot. this morning i used baby steps – lets just make 10 more seconds, 1 more second etc. it helps. And running alone is something i find soo hard these days!

  3. Awesome job on the long run! No matter how many times you do a long run, running all those miles alone is tough! Great job!

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on the longest ever solo long run! It’s amazing how easy it is to impose limits on ourselves, but it is sooo rewarding when we break through! Hope you had a great time at your shower!! 🙂

  5. This post put a big ol’ grin on my face. Great work girl! Keep it up. Looks like it’s gorgeous there. How symbolic that you ran into the TNT group.

  6. Awesome run! Running is so mental, and it seems the only way to strengthen that part of running is to get out there and tackle it, like you did! Kudos to you! And how fun that you ran in to the TnT group! Did it make you wonder when your next marathon will be? 🙂

  7. Way to go on your 12-mile solo run! You will so break 2.5 hours on your next half. 🙂

    I still have mental blocks when it comes to distances longer than 13.1. I hope to break them in the next year.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your bridal shower? Mark and I have two showers in July!

  8. I smiled after reading this post! You have every right to be proud of yourself. I am so proud of you for doing this on your own.

    I know what you mean with the mental barriers. I still have them at every long run. That’s why I break them up in my head in 5K, 10K, 15K and so on. This works for me.

    So you missed one day in June but I’m sure you are not going to miss another one. You’re doing great.

  9. That is amazing! I have never been able to do more than 5 miles alone and that was such a push. This is an inspirational post for me and definitely proves we can all do anything we set our mind to! Great job!! If you ever want a running buddy I am always in 🙂

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