Booze Cruise

Saturday marked the 4th annual Booze Cruise event!


What is booze cruise you ask?

Well, it’s an event that combines 30 of my closest friends wearing matching t-shirts, their cruiser bikes in tow, and a select few dive bars that were destined to be visited.


And Sea Breeze and I couldn’t have been more excited that this day had finally come! We look forward to it every year!


Our first stop of the day was at The East Side Tavern.


A lovely little nook filled with pool tables, beer pong games & delicious coconut tasting beer.


This year our event happened to land on my friend Will’s birthday. In his honor we made everyone where party hats!

100_5709 100_5701

After about an hour we began our journey to the next dive bar on the list, Jim’s Alibi.

100_5737 100_5738

Even Beyond Destination 26.2 dad was cruisin’ it up with us!


The best part of this event is the sea of matching t-shirts flooding the streets. We were honking our bike horns & ringing our bike bells with joy as we cruised down the streets.



By the second bar, everyone started to get lively!


We typically spend around an hour to an hour and half at each bar before moving onto the next.

100_5760  100_5762    100_5766 100_5763

Our third stop was the infamous “Broadway Bar’”. They are known for their cheap drinks.


I arrived at the Broadway to see Nate fixin’ a flat tire. Luckily he was prepared for the booze cruise with his bike tire fix it kit! 🙂


Once inside I insisted that we all needed to find out what this bitch bomb was all about.


A Bitch bomb is a combination of Red bull, Crown, Orange juice and cranberry juice. It was fruity and delicious!


Our fourth stop of the evening took us to my all time favorite, Crickets. Crickets is the ULTIMATE dive bar. 🙂


Not long after our arrival to Crickets, J. Alabama busted out some shorty shorts action.

100_5808 100_5811

Yes, this is the man I’m going to marry in just a few short weeks. 🙂 And he looks better in short shorts than me. LOL!

Booze cruise brings out the fun in everyone!


The boys playing some shuffle board at the End Zone, our last and final stop of the cruise.

The whole night was a blast and marked another successful Booze Cruise!

100_5687 100_5768

Have you ever done a bar crawl? This is the only type of bar “crawl” I’ve ever done, and it’s always been a grand time!

Happy Cruisin’  Tuesday Friends!


Here is last year’s cruise report.  🙂


13 thoughts on “Booze Cruise

  1. That is an AWESOME event! I love the fact that you wore the party hats OVER your helmets, and I think it’s so cool that your dad joined in on the fun! I’ll have to order the Bitch Bomb the next time I go to a bar. Sounds delish!

    I haven’t been to a pub crawl in SO LONG! My last one was in 2006 when I spent my last semester of college in Nova Scotia. It was so much fun. My man of honor may actually do a pub crawl for my bachelorette party. So excited!

  2. I remember this from last year and it still looks like a fun and great day. Never done that before and I still think it’s a great idea to do this once a year.

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