I ran for Chocolate & Champagne!

I’m not going to hold you in suspense until the end of the post, so you can hear how I did at the I run for Chocolate & Champagne Half Marathon on Saturday.



My goal was 2 hr 30 and I came in at 2 hr 26!!  🙂

(That is 42 minutes faster than the Robie Creek half – which is no comparison at all due to the steep incline of that beast).

BUT STILL!!! A personal record is a personal record, and this is by far the fastest I have EVER ran 13.1 miles.


The weather was perfect on race morning. Overcast and 60’s. It wasn’t hot, or too sunny, or too cold, or rainy. It was perfect!


I ran for the first hour before I even had to stop to and take a gu & walk break. I was pretty stoked with my time splits at this point. I was over 5 miles at the hour mark.

I loved the motivational signs along the way.


I was super excited when I hit the 2 hr mark and I was at 11 miles. At that point I knew I was going to make my goal.

My body was was starting to struggle a little bit after mile 11, but I knew I was so close to the finish.520

I kept pushing it until I saw J. Alabama at mile marker 13.

He was a great cheerleader. And he even ran most of the last .10 of the race with me.

I had to tell him to get his paparazzi camera out of my face because he was running backwards in front of me trying to get the perfect shot, and was kind of in my way. LOL.

522 523  525 526 527

And I pushed it through until I crossed that finish line. I still can’t believe I made it in 2 hrs 26 minutes! Wooooooo hoooooo!!!


Then it was time for celebratory Champagne & Chocolate.


Champagne Glass filled with chocolate.


Ah yes, there is table full of champagne. Don’t mind if I do!


Not the best self taken photo of J. and I, but I had to get a picture of my camera man!


He has been to 13 out of 16 of my races. I love that he is so supportive of me and my crazy racing addiction. LOL!

Then he took me to a nice sushi & sake lunch at Raw Sushi to celebrate my rockin’ race!


CHEERS!!! And I told him I would not be taking off my race medal for the rest of the day. I totally earned that thing!

Happy Racing friends!!


And I would just like to wish Beyond Destination 26.2 Dad a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Seriously, what dad would drive all the way down to San Francisco to watch his daughter run her first marathon, or year after year join her and her friends in a silly little bike ride?

My dad is pretty darn cool! And I am just so proud to call him my dad!

Happy Birthday DAD! I love you!!!


23 thoughts on “I ran for Chocolate & Champagne!

  1. I love reading about how much you kick running’s ass! It looks like it was a good time (double entendre intended). I would wear that medal all week!

  2. Wow Linzi, CONGRATS! What an awesome race and an excellent PR! I totally wore my medal all day too 🙂 I hope you are still enjoying that runners high!

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  3. Congrats on a new PR! I had to laugh because I can totally see J. Alabama running backwards, trying to get a good picture of you. Awesome!

  4. i saw this on facebook and i didnt even know that u r running this race! yay for u!
    congrats on the great PR~!!!! wonderful job.
    i could go for some champagne! yayyayayya

  5. Congrats Linzi what a fantastic half you’ve run. Loved all the pics and J. Alabama definitely is a keeper.

    Happy birthday Linzi’s Dad.

  6. And I thought Tiffany’s necklaces were the best post-race celebration! Well, I still think they are but chocolate and champagne are a close second. Congratulations on the PR! 🙂

  7. Z – Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am glad you invite me to the outings so I can support you! Again, great job on beating your record. You rock -Z !!!!


  8. Way to go, Linzi! Congrats on SURPASSING your goal and earning a new PR! No wonder why you didn’t take your finisher medal off all day!

    I definitely need to do one of the See Jane Run events. Champagne, chocolate and a sweet finisher medal?… Why yes!

    Happy birthday (and Father’s Day yesterday) to your dad! What a cool guy and a supportive father!

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  11. Congrats on your awesome PR! And what a cool race!

    Where did you get the bermudas you ran in for the race? That is the length of shorts I like for running but can’t find them anywhere!

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