Marathon Shoes

Immediately following my rockstar half-marathon this past Saturday I was struck with zero desire to run.


I gave myself a few days to recover & recoop from my race and decided to motivate myself the only way I knew how.

With something I like to call Retail Therapy.


Yup, Linz got some new running shoes!

I wasn’t as enthralled with the fact that they look exactly the same as my old ones, but new shoes are new shoes.

Which begged to be broken in.

So I gave in to their pleas and took them for a spin. A 3 mile spin.


Just as I suspected, a match made in heaven. Well at least I know these new shoes will get me through what lies ahead!


Though, I always find it sad to retire a pair of running shoes. My previous pair have been through almost every single momentous race I have run in my small running career.

They lead me through 26.2 miles in the pouring rain and helped me achieve the title of marathoner.

They were there with me as I trudged and trudged up the Aldape summit, and pushing me through the hardest half-marathon in the Northwest.

And they were also there for me last weekend, pushing me through 13.1 miles at my fastest half-marathon pace to date.


But there comes a time when it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend, so you can welcome in a new one.


Welcome new friend, (who happens to look A LOT like my old my friend). 🙂 Nothing like new shoes to motivate ya.

You are going to be my new best friend for Marathon number 2!

Yup, you heard me right. The Linz is well under way for training for her second marathon.


On October 9th, I will run the City of Trees Marathon right here in the lovely Boise, Idaho.

I waited long enough to publicly make this announcement. I was hesitant with all the wedding plans. But I have truly proven to myself that I can make time for running a midst all the other stuff in my life.

So, this one-time-marathoner will take her new shoes and train train train for her 2nd marathon.

Happy Marathon Training!!


14 thoughts on “Marathon Shoes

  1. Oh gosh, i wish i could find shoes this easy you are sooo lucky! It has been a really hard week for me, i have already been through 5 pairs actually bought and 4 are a no go…lucky number 5

  2. OMG…. you are so awesome and ambitious and a good secret keeper. Marathon number 2! Wow. That’s all I can say.

  3. Yay new shoes!!!! I still have my shoes from my first marathon. 🙂

    And YEAH for running another marathon! Very excited to see this news. You have what it takes and it’s going to be an awesome summer of training. Yours is a week before mine!

  4. Awesome! I love new shoes!!!

    I am seriously considering – and 95% sure I will – signing up for a marathon next May almost exactly 2 months before my wedding. My wedding is NOT my life and there is no reason it should or will take over my life so I figure why not!! 🙂

  5. New running shoes are always great to buy. And what if they look the same, as long as they can get you through all the miles, that’s what counts.

    That’s great news you’re running your second marathon. Can’t wait to be a part of your training for it and finally marathon day in October. Have fun with the training.

  6. u signed up for another one? crazy girl? i still cant get the pain of the last one out of my head. maybe next year! hahah

    nice shoes. u will have lots of time to get acquainted with them while u train.

    good luck and i will be trainign beside you (but far away) for my 30k in august and half marathon in October.

    have a great weekend.

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