Now That’s Hot!


As in HOT YOGA, sheeesh!

I’m not afraid to try any fitness activity at least once. Even if the words Hot & Yoga are mentioned in the same sentence.


I’ve been wanting to try Hot yoga for years but have been really scared off by the HOT part.


But when my fun friend Jen asked me for the zillionth time if I would join her in Hot Yoga, I really just had to say yes.


And last night was my night to give it a go!

So I met up with her at Sumits Yoga at 7:30 pm for our hour & fifteen minute sweat sesh!


Boise Peeps: For first timers you can purchase an unlimited 2 week pass for $20! Steal of deal if you ask me! 🙂


Here are my thoughts on Hot Yoga.

When I walked into the room at the start of class I expected to be knocked over by the warmth in the room. It was definitely warm, but it was not overwhelming.

The longer I was in the room, the more I equated the heat to that of your bathroom after a shower. Sort of thick, and warm, but tolerable.

The class began with us laying on our mats just breathing in the warm air.


Then we quickly began moving from pose to pose.

The sweat immediately started dripping from me. I was a hot mess no less than 5 minutes into this class.

Hot yoga is a lot more fast paced than I expected. As well as the music was more pop music and not so much zen-ish as I had imagined.

The teacher spoke quickly and for the most part directed us on what moves to do by telling, not showing.

About two different points in the class I actually felt like I was going to puke, but taking a few deep breaths and sitting in childs pose for a second seemed to cure that.

The class felt like it was broken up into three segments. After each segment, we were told to drink water, and were given a minute to lay on our backs and rest.


The heat in the room made the movements harder, but just harder because you are breathing differently and you are sweaty from head to toe.

An hour and fifteen minutes later I was glad to be done, but I felt amazing!

I would definitely go back. Well I just bought that two week pass, so I guess I have to anyways! But I have a feeling it would be a lot easier the next time.

When I left the yoga studio, I felt like I had been doing an intense cardio class. It truly was an incredible feeling, and I could see why people love it so much.

Have you ever tried Hot Yoga? What was your experience like?


Have and wonderful & fun weekend!

My weekend includes (but is not limited to) a weekend getaway, a 10 mile trail race, and the wedding of two of my really close friends from high school! Crazy fun times ahead!


12 thoughts on “Now That’s Hot!

  1. i love hot yoga!! it feels so purifying. i feel like i sweat all the bad stuff and junk from inside me!
    its great

    good job on ur first time!

  2. So i have done hot yoga in the past but i feel like i am worried about it getting me so dehydrated on my runs because i am having so many problems with that lately!!!but my friend pointed out that it allows you to loosen your muscles which may turn my head towards going. i have been going to runner’s yoga though which is great.

  3. I’ve never tried hot yoga before, but would like to. It sounds like a great workout!

    Enjoy your weekend! You’ve got lots of fun stuff going on! 🙂

  4. I have never tried it, I don’t even know if it can be done around where I live. I do know that’s it’s possible here in Holland.
    I’ve read before my holiday we are getting a kind of yoga studio in my village and I was temped but it is too expensive for me which is a pity otherwise I would definitely do it.

    Have a great weekend, you sure have great things to look forward too.

  5. My yoga of choice is a power vinyasa class in a heated room. The instructors also teach poses point-to-point rather than demo…I like it better because then they walk around giving adjustments:) Glad you like it!

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  7. My experience is very similar to yours – I find it challenging but feel so good when I am done. And it does move a lot faster than you think it will. I love being drenched in sweat. 🙂

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