Totally Wedding Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends!

So before I even get involved in my post for today, I just wanted to put out there that things are getting a little bit crazy up in here.

I think there is something like 25 days until I become Mrs.  Alabama. YAY!

But with that, I must give a little disclaimer that Beyond Destination 26.2 might be lacking a bit in posts over the next few weeks.

It’s just that between training for a marathon, planning my own wedding, and getting things all set at work so I can take off for 2 weeks has put every part of ME into high gear.

And my emotions are ALL OVER the place. And so is my wedding brain.

So don’t worry if my posting is irregular for the next few weeks, it’s just me in wedding mode!


So even though it’s only Tuesday not officially “Wedding Wednesday”, I’m going to talk wedding stuff. It’s apparent that it’s WAY more on mind than running these days. But you should feel lucky, because I will not deprive you of your Wedding Wednesday Post tomorrow.

This past weekend I spent up in the beautiful and scenic McCall, Idaho.


We were there to celebrate the wedding of my two dear friends, whom I have  known since High school.

Their wedding was perfect and was so “them”.


I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate in their special day with them.


I will admit though, that due it being a “certain time of the month” (TMI – sorry) my emotions have and continue to be all over the freaking place.

I was bawling my head off before the Mother of the bride even started walking down the aisle.

I do think though, that a lot of the emotion built up into their wedding is a reflection of the intense stress I’m currently under to pull off an equally awesome and perfectly “US” wedding.


And just a side note, my day job involves event planning & coordination. So I spent a lot of the evening paying attention to the flow and transition of the night, and the other half making sure I had full glass of wine in front of me. (I wanted to be sure I was ready for the toasts! Sheesh, I’m not that much of a lush!)

There was a super cute surprise when it came time for the Father-Daughter/ Mother-Son dance.


They all four busted out into a unison choreographed dance. It was awesome!


Such a cute and fun idea!

And the cake, oh the sweet delicious cake.


It was made by my bestie Maria! And decorated by my bridesmaid Christa. Love it!

Watching the love and excitement of these two friends of mine and all their loved ones around them, left me full of happiness for the happy couple.


But also gave me a lot of anxiety for my own big day ahead.

I’m the event planner, you know the person behind the scenes…not so much the person who is smack dab center of attention.

That part is going to be hard for me I think. But I know once I see my handsome J. Alabama waiting for me at the end of the aisle, I won’t be able to focus on any other thoughts but him.

I’m excited for what lies ahead. And I know that everything will turn out just as great as the wedding of my dear friends this past weekend. Because when two people love each other as much as J. Alabama and I, nothing else really matters.

So bring on Wedding Month!


See you all tomorrow for the official Wedding Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Totally Wedding Tuesday

  1. I was sooo emotional at weddings leading up to my own! The big day is so close! I’m sure it will be perfectly “you” and can’t wait to see it all come together. Nothing will be better than the moment that you first see your hubby to be. 🙂

  2. im always an emotional wreck at weddings. I went to a bridal shower this weekend (not even my friend, but a cousin of the bf’s) and during one of the toasts, i cried. hahah and ive only met the girl like 5 times.

    So excited for your wedding! yay mrs alabama! you sound like MS USA. haha

    we need to get more ppl to run your Virutal Wedding Run. DO a post and get more ppl!

  3. Your wedding is going to be AMAZING just like you are!! I thought what you said about once you see J. Alamaba is so true… nothing else will matter. You guys love each other and that’s the most important par to the whole day and you’ve got that part covered.

  4. hehe I know all about “wedding brain”! all my wedding stuff is finally over and I still can’t concentrate fully on normal every day things! 😛
    your friend’s wedding looked gorgeous!

  5. Your friend’s wedding looked amazing, and I’m sure you and J. Alabama will have a fun, memorable and unique wedding. That cake looked absolutely gorgeous!

    I cry easily and tears flow freely whenever I attend weddings. I’m sure I will bawl at my own wedding. 🙂

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