The Paper

* Today’s post is part of my Wedding Wednesday Series. A chance for me to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.*


My love for paper and print has been on going for years.

I think it started that summer at yearbook camp in high school (yes I just admitted publicly that I attended yearbook camp), but I’ve always had an admiration for all things paper & print.

My love for paper is so bad that as I’ve claimed to have never been “that girl” to plan my wedding in my head before, the fact that I may have been dreaming of my future wedding invitations is a completely different story.

I have even gone so far as to hoard old wedding invites from friend’s weddings to gather ideas.

So it won’t come as surprise that I may have splurged a little when it came to the paper department.

Well you already saw my rockin’ Save The Dates.

And in following the theme, without being too matchy-matchy Amy (my graphic designer) knocked it out of the park.

She captured the feelings of our wedding  in one small picture on the front. The feelings of fun, playfulness, joy, strength & everlasting love.



If you have been following my wedding planning over the last 6 months, you already know about my love & obsession with lemons. The lemon tree symbolizes the creativity that we will need in our marriage. But it also symbolizes strength and grounded-ness.

The fonts represent a sort of playfulness without being too serious. J. Alabama and I are all about fun and want our big day to reflect that side of our personalities.

The invitations were simple & crisp.

I wanted to keep them as simple as possible.  People were instructed on the inside flap to RSVP at our wedding website as a way to eliminate extra things to mail. (So far the response for rsvp-ing via website has been positive).

As a girl who has been obsessed with paper and prints I couldn’t have been happier when I saw my custom invitations for the first time. They were beautiful & happy, and conveyed all the feelings we wanted them to.

I’m going to have a print made of the front with our wedding date added. This print will be our first piece of art as a married couple!

I wish I could show you the inside, but I would have literally had to white out most of the information. But just know that the happy theme is followed throughout.

So there you have it…the paper! Now the only other paper we need now is our marriage license.

Happy Wedding Wednesday Friends! 24 days! 🙂


Something to do:

Have you signed up for Aneta’s “Run♥LOVE♥Bride” Virtual race? She is hosting this race in my honor! What a sweet girl! Think of it as my virtual bridal shower if you will! Check out her page for the details!


10 thoughts on “The Paper

  1. Cute!! I had mine done by and they turned out pretty good! I am knee deep in addressing envelopes! It is a long task!

  2. I love the invites! I also love that you are going to put it on a print and have that as your first piece of art as a married couple. Eeee 24 days so exciting!!!

    Also, I never knew yearbook camp existed. That is too funny (and cute).

  3. I just read an article about yearbook camp in my local paper. Had I known you attended the camp, maybe I could have arranged for an interview by a reporter from the Star Tribune!

    I love your Save the Dates and invitations! The design is meaningful and fun!

  4. That is so original!! Never seen anything like it – nice!

    I am a paper whore too – I still write actually letters to family on stationary.

    Even though my 80 year old great aunt knows how to email, I know she still loves getting snail mail from me!

  5. Linzi! I am so happy that you love the invites and save-the-dates…I had a lot of fun designing them for you guys. 🙂

  6. I love your invites! I love creative ones like that. I just got one from some friends that is so cool. There are stacked cards of different height with info on them (a map, rsvp, etc) inside, and when they are stacked on top, the outside of the cards has their picture on it. I am not describing it well but it was cool. Our cards were formal. 😦

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