Blogger Run-Up

Besides all the fun BBQs and gatherings this past weekend, there was some real fitness activities that I participated in as well. Can we say Hot yoga and…..of course running?!

Saturday I was happy to say I met up with a new blogger/runner friend. I am referring to our encounter as a “run up” instead of a meet up.

Because, we came, we saw and well friends…we ran. 🙂


Say HEY to Cambry! She’s training for her first 10k which is next weekend, and I am so freaking excited for her!

Go over to her blog and wish her luck and encouragement this weekend! She’s gonna rock it! 🙂

We took it easy on our run as she had just ran 6.5 miles the night before (which was her longest run to date).


We had great views of the city, and perfect temps. And it was really fun meeting a new friend and gabbing it up.


We did a nice and easy 3.65 miles of running/walking. I just loved that I was able to  get outside and have someone to chat with while running.

You will definitely see Cambry over here again. We have more plans to run it up this summer. (Don’t worry Boise, I want to really put together a “run-up” with all all us B-town runner/bloggers. It’s in the works!)


After our lovely run I headed on home and realized I wanted more. So I jumped back on the greenbelt and busted out another 5k, bringing my total to 6.75 miles for the day.

I called it a successful Saturday run.


Though I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend, I’m ready to get back into eating healthy food and focusing more on my workouts. I love long weekends, but it’s always nice to get back to business.

How was your “long weekend”? Did you do any fitness activities? Do share in the comments! 🙂

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Teaser: I have a special “experiment” I will be sharing about in the  afternoons for the next little bit. So you might notice a different style of blog posts. Let’s just say, it’s a bit more intimate than my usual running posts. 😉


9 thoughts on “Blogger Run-Up

  1. Yay for running with friends! I took part in a couple of races over our long weekend – lots of fun!

    Looking forward to finding out what’s up on the blog…

  2. Meeting up with people you know for a run is always fun. Good luck to Cambry at her 10K!

    I ran a half-marathon on the 4th. I will post a race report soon!

  3. Had a great time at our ‘run up’! Can’t wait for our next adventure (we should make it a long one) followed by re-cooperating on a patio of some sort haha!

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