A shower & The Gift Opening Debate

*Today’s post is part on my on going Wedding Wednesday Series. My chance to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff.*


I am loving every bit of wedding celebration that leads up to our big day in 17 days.

I was so excited when I saw an invite go around our work emails for an office bridal shower for Moi! Ooh la la!

I was picturing a small gathering of the women I work with and maybe some punch and cake. But oh man, did they take this work bridal shower thing up a notch!


A plethora of wines & cheeses towards the end of the work day? Don’t mind if I do!

I began by filling my plate with a sampling of sorts.


A taste of each cheese, a few chocolate bites and nice Temperanillo to wash it down.


Everyone was so sweet for celebrating this exciting day with me.


They even brought thoughtful gifts, some were more work appropriate than others. 🙂 LOL.


And no bridal shower is complete without games!

Bring on the Bridal Pictionary!


We had to pick a wedding related phrase or word out of a hat and draw it for everyone to guess.

Some were definitely harder than others. (Like how does one draw “changing their last name” without using letters? Seriously!)


I am absolutely blessed to have so much support from all areas of my life. It’s nice to know that everyone at work is equally as excited for J. Alabama and I!


The Great Gift Opening Debate:

And because I’m running out of Wedding Wednesday’s I just had to throw in this Wedding Question for you all to chime in on.

We have started to receive packages in the mail and we have been unable to agree on what to do with them.

To OPEN? or NOT TO OPEN?….that is the question!


I’ve googled and googled for wedding etiquette but everyone has strong arguments for opening before the wedding, and for waiting.

J. Alabama is of the kind to wait until after the big day. I’m more of the kind to get this party started. 🙂


So please, married or not…let me know your thoughts on opening early or waiting until the big day!

Have a happy Wednesday friends!


15 thoughts on “A shower & The Gift Opening Debate

  1. I cannogt believe how close the big day is for you! It seems like time has flown by. Enjoy these last few days and take it all in.. I know you will. 🙂
    I’m super excited for you. I cannot wait to see pics and read all about your big day. As far as gifts, how about open them and get a head start on those thank you notes!!!??

  2. I gotta say, opening our gifts the night of our wedding (all of them) was SO fun!! Yeah, there were quite a few thank you’s to write, but it was awesome doing it all at one time. Just my two cents.

  3. I would say open the gifts! Then you can get on that thank you note and not have so many after the wedding! that is so nice of your office to have a shower for you! I work with all men – no way would they ever do that!

  4. I think that opening them after the wedding would make it more exciting. Personally, I would want to wait so that you were married when you opened the gifts.

  5. We opened our gifts as they came in and I wrote and mailed the thank you cards immediately. It made it so much fun to come home and see what presents/cards were waiting for us and to see our registries dwindle down 🙂 Then after we came back from the honeymoon we opened the gifts we received the day of and there were so many that I was glad we had pre-opened! Also. I knew immediatley when I got my kitchen aid and there was NO WAY I was waiting to get that baby started up and running! LOL!

  6. Wait until after the wedding! There will be a a let down of sorts after the big day and waiting to open the gifts will be a fun event to look forward to after your honeymoon. Plus, it’s fun to pile them up!

  7. That is so great of your office co-workers!! And I have to find those napkins “wineaux” – love it!

    I say wait. It will be more fun after you are married – it would be like opening all your Christmas gifts on December 1!

  8. Your co-workers are so awesome. What a fun bridal shower… and I think it’s wonderful that you were able to partake of some wine at work.

    I would open your gifts as they come in, and then send out thank you notes promptly. That way, the gift givers will know you received them.

  9. So cool of your co-workers to throw you a bridal party. Can’t see that happening here as I work with mostly men 🙂 although it would be fun to see what they would come up with LOL.

    I’d say wait after the wedding. For me it’s like birthday gifts, I don’t like to get them before my actual birthday either. I’m a bit superstitious in this too, just like Heidi.

  10. Open those up!! besides the boxes piling up, who can wait and you can get started on thank yous and people know you received the gift! I love the purple outfit!!! And the shower

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