Run in the name of Love!

Now I fully admit that things have gotten a wee bit crazy over here. Usually this space is reserved for sweaty post workout pictures of me, enthusiastic run reports, and my newest and craziest fitness fad of the week.

Though lately, it feels like a mish mash of  “experiment’s” and crazy wedding jibber jabber. I hope you will stick around.

Cuz seriously, running is what prompted me to start this blog. And starting this blog is what prompts me to keep running faster and farther. So don’t think I’ve forgotten the purpose of “Beyond Destination 26.2”. Because I haven’t. And I never could.

So to appease all of you who just come here to see my after glow photo shots, here’s one for ya!


And if that isn’t quite enough, maybe you will go out there and run. For me?

Yeah, remember my Virtual Bridal Shower? Do it!…this weekend is your last chance to run in the name of Love!

Take part in the Love.RUN.Bride virtual run and leave a msg over at Aneta’s place giving a piece of marriage advice, love advice, wedding advice, or heck even running advice! The run closes on July 10th and Aneta will be posting about it on her blog on Monday, July 11th!


Have a great weekend friends! This weekend I’m looking forward to a 10 mile run, a sweet DIY wedding project and welcoming my bridesman back from Costa Rica & celebrating his birthday! Woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “Run in the name of Love!

  1. I definitely stick around, personally I like the different things you write about. I must have missed the virtual run and since I wont be running this weekend I have to pass.

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