The Experiment: Day 3

Last night’s experiment presented somewhat a challenge for us we had booked several wedding related appointments in the early evening. But in the name of K-Y I was determined to make it work!

The experiment called for rediscovering that newness feeling  in our relationship. You know those butterflies you had the first time you and your significant other met? Yeah…that!

(This was taken shortly after we began dating.  I was super tired after a wedding, but can honestly remember how amazing his kisses felt that night. Especially because this was the night he first referred to me as his girlfriend). 

So our task was to find that feeling again, but was suggested to do so in the way of roleplaying.


I figured there was no better way to re-create this newness feeling then by going on a “first date”.

So after our wedding appointments, we went our separate ways and planned to meet up at a bar at a certain time.

I got all prettied up in a fun summer dress and actually got a little nervous before our meeting. I pulled up to the bar and saw his car was already there and walked in pretending like I was going to meet him for the first time.

And there I spotted him,  cock-gobbler  in hand.


He looked up from his drink and nodded over at me to come sit.

Then I asked him about himself. He proceeded to tell me about his investment banking ventures as well as his travels to foreign lands. I said something about how I loved yoga and we giggled as we tried to pretend we were two other people on a first date.

All was going well, until I realized I knew the bartender and his girlfriend. And it was too hard to explain that we were on a second first date, and oh yeah we were sort of trying not be ourselves.


Once we broke back into our normal characters, we continued to enjoy ourselves over conversations of our future life together.

We talked about our finances and how we are going to set-up our joint bank accounts, and even talked about future purchases we need to save our money for. Romantic I know! But honestly we got a lot of personal and much needed discussion out of the way.

Who knew a few cock-gobblers and talk of finances would spark those feelings of newness again. Or maybe it was just a Wild Turkey buzz.


We were having such a great time! We managed to stay at the bar for a few hours just talking and laughing like we had when we first started dating.

I realized then that this was something we really needed. Just to hang out like friends in a neutral place with just each other.


Then he took me to Pie Hole for a late night slice of the pizza and tried to teach me how to play Donkey Kong on an old table top game system.  And proceeded to laugh at me as I failed horribly.

It was the most fun we’ve had in such a long time!

I’m loving that each day of this experiment brings out different things in our relationship and helps us to grow even closer.


I wrote this while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. For more information, visit the K-Y Intimacy Experiment tab on Couples Place.


4 thoughts on “The Experiment: Day 3

  1. looooooove it!
    the bf and i have talked about that before. ie. going to a bar and pretending to be other ppl. but we never actually did it yet.
    maybe we should…..
    lol 🙂

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