DIY: Farewell Wedding Wands

*Today’s post is part of my on-going Wedding Wednesday Series. A chance for me to ramble on about non-running, wedding related stuff!*

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Upon signing the contact for our chosen wedding venue,  I noticed that there was a strict no sparkler or throwing of rice on the property.

Now, as I’ve been gushing over wedding blogs for the past six months, I knew I wanted that grand exit sparkler photo. But I quickly came to the realization that that wasn’t a good enough reason not to pick my venue.

So my mother and I quickly turned to plan B, C, & well D.  Because J. Alabama and I are going to have a grand exit damn it, and it is going to be awesome.

So we toyed with the idea of blowing bubbles and even swinging around glow sticks, but none of those options felt right.

And though we are exiting at 11:30 pm, it will be dark outside, our venue has bright lights that will shine on the front steps for our exit. So sparklers may not have really worked anyways.

So plan D actually came to my mom less than a week ago. As in merely 2 weeks before the wedding. She came up with the idea to make wedding wands!


Let’s just say it was a mad scramble last weekend to get them made, but our exit will full of love in the form of flying ribbon!


What you will need:

  • desired amount of chopsticks or small wooden rods
  • desired color & amount of ribbon (various colors & patterns recommended)
  • tinsel
  • glue gun
  • random fake flowers, beads, jewels….etc




This is pretty much an anything goes kind of project!

And it was so incredibly easy, once I begged for help from my family members.


You start by picking your chopstick & taking your desired ribbon and tying it on the end in a big knot.



We ended up using two-three different colors of ribbon and tying it in a knot in the middle. Basically doubling the ribbon from two strands to make it look like four strands.


Next you can take a bunch of tinsel and tie it in a knot above or below the ribbon knot on the stick.  (The tinsel was a bit trickier, but it was a cheap way to add more fluff and shine to the wands!)

Then it was time for the final touches! With your glue gun in hand, glue down parts of the ribbon knot, so it won’t come off the stick. And bedazzle the heck of it!


Feel free to glue on jewels, fake flowers, or even buttons for the final touch!

Then let your Grandfather model them off for you.


I think these will add the perfect pizzazz for our end of the evening grand exit.


Happy Wedding Wednesday Friends! (10 more days!)

We are running out of Wednesday’s between now and the wedding, so you may see a few extra Wedding related posts popping up over the next week.


13 thoughts on “DIY: Farewell Wedding Wands

  1. Yay… wonderful wedding wands! I can’t wait to flail those wands around as you and Micah make your entrance into the world as man and wife. So excited!

  2. fun!
    u, my friend, are soooo creative. u will totally be my virtual helper/idea maker when i am getting married! haha

    10 days??? omg i cant believe it. it feels like u just got engaged!!!

    what will you substitute wedding wednesday with? baby tuesday? wife wednesdays?? lol

  3. I so want to do the sparkler exit but I worry that everyone will be gone before I get to do that! Plus I need to help clean up so I assume we will just have a quiet, last ones out of the room exit! i can’t believe your wedding is 10 days away! I have 59 days and I had a mini freak out yesterday! lol!

  4. Fun times! Can’t’ wait to see them in the pictures, as each individual one is unique. Doubles as a wedding favor, so stay for the end guests! LOL.

  5. I’ve never heard of this before, but I think it’s a fabulous idea! What a wonderful way for your friends and family to send you off as husband and wife!

  6. Great idea! And now you won’t have to peal the rice off your hair and out of your clothes LOL!

    Linzi you should collect all your wedding posts in for example a Word document (including pics) and print it. The preparation of your wedding has been just as fun and special as your wedding is going to be.

    Only 10 more days! I’m excited too! Can’t wait to see your wedding dress.

  7. What a great idea! I think they will make for awesome pictures! I love all of the DIY stuff you are doing- it makes the wedding truly you.

    Nine days!!!!

  8. Fun, fun, fun!! who doesn’t like a little sparkle. What a great idea your Mom came up with and too have the whole family involved. Good times!! So happy for you, Linzi. 🙂

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