Taking it to the Pole

Oh yeah, we went there! There is no better way to start a bachelorette party than getting warmed up on the pole!

My best friend Maria set-up for the start of my bachelorette party on Saturday night to be a private pole dancing class for us ladies.


I was so excited to check out Ophidia’s Studio’s. As they offer not only Pole dancing classes, but other fun classes & different cardio classes that have piqued my interest.

Aerial Yoga, Burlesque Cardio, Belly dancing, & even a chair dancing class. I already know I will be back!


The ladies & I before the start of class. We were excited and a little nervous I think.

Bestie Maria & I getting ready to rock that pole!


The Pole Dancing class officially started with a five minute warm-up. We did various sit-up routines and stretches.


Then it didn’t take long for our instructor to get us going on the pole.


We started out by walking around the pole and sort of leaping from one side to the other. Luckily the poles rotate with you, so it helps the spin.

P1000456 P1000460


I realized early on in the class that I in fact had no grace when it came to pole dancing, and I was definitely NOT a natural.

As the class progressed the moves we were taught got harder and more involved.

There was a front spin, then a back spin…then a front spin that sort of morphed into a backspin. It was crazy!



We were also taught the sexy moves. You know the ones where your arms just need a little break, but can still keep you in the pole dancing mood.


After an hour of this class I was spent. Every muscle in my upper body was in pain. And my arms were shaking.

You are using your upper body and core muscles to hold yourself up on the pole, and well my upper body and core are not my strong points. I can honestly say that my running background did not help at all in this class.


But it was super fun to try out a new form of fitness. I really got a glimpse into pole dancing. And it most definitely gave me a new found respect for this activity.

Pole dancing was freaking hard!

I really tried to get into it, but I was struggling a lot through the class. I definitely had a great time learning all the moves and bonding with my friends during the class, but I am not sure more pole dancing classes are in my future.

I would say that Part I of my bachelorette party was a success. You will just have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the night’s festivities!


Have you or would you ever take a pole dancing class?

I was just excited to try something new and incorporate a form of fitness into the Bach. Party. Though after all the dancing and various other things we did that night, I could honestly say my whole body was in pain yesterday! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Taking it to the Pole

  1. ive taken a pole dancing class before. it was for a bachellorette party and it was super fun!

    yay. looks like u had a blast. cant hear more about ur party!

  2. I love, love, loved pole dancing. I would definitely do again (sans vodka before the class). I seriously have never been more sore in my entire life. It really does work every single muscle in your body. I am also excited to try some of the other classes at that studio. If you’re going to Burlesque or something count me in!

    I had such a blast at your bachelorette! Can’t wait for this weekend.

  3. Oh there is no way I could do that! I would be so self-conscious! Looks like a lot of fun! I am trying to think of some ideas of things I want to do for mine but i have no good ideas!

  4. What fun!!!! Great way to get out and let those inhibitions down. Life is waaaaaaaay too short (and I am already short enough) to not try everything new you can, it so enriches your life and helps you be a better person because you have less judgement! Can’t wait to take the belly dance classes! Hoot!!

  5. It looks like so much fun and such a great pick from Maria. She knows what this active girl likes!

    I have never taken a pole class, you can do it here in Holland too. People I know who did it said it was fun too but indeed hard for the upper body.

    Can’t wait till part 2!

  6. hahaha never done it. would totally be game though. although i would stink as well. check out my dancing on ellitpical post from yesterday you will soon fine you are a lot better at dancing than moi

  7. Pole dancing classes are fun. I had a pole in my house for a little while until our stepson moved back in with us. It’s a great workout though.

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