Training while planning a Wedding

*I am off on fun honeymoon adventures with my husband (it’s still so weird to say that!) and am excited to share a few guest posts with you all while I’m gone. Each guest blogger is either a newlywed or bride-to-be and will be sharing their stories with you all. A huge thanks to all my guest bloggers for their heartfelt posts!*

* * *

Thank you Linzi for asking me to write this guest post while you are soaking up the sunshine on your wonderful honeymoon!

For those that don’t know, I blog over at and I mostly talk about training for different races and my daily life’s adventures.

Since I recently got married myself, it made perfect sense to stay with this theme!

A lot of people asked me how I trained while planning a wedding! You see, we got engaged in March 2010, a month where you are putting winter away and finally start thinking about the summer. You could say that I was not in the best shape of my life! I was working out and running here and there but nothing too serious.

After the engagement and the planning process began, we knew we wanted a destination wedding! Oh yes, the beach, turquoise water, sunshine and wind in our hair and of course amazing scenery for our wedding pictures


Do you know what the first thought was after saying yes to the man of my dreams? Oh shit, not only will we be getting married but also, we will be spending 2 weeks on the beach! I need to get this body beach ready asap!

I joined a kickboxing class at work, upped my days at the gym and continued running. Once the summer hit, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I decided to do a crazy thing: sign up for my biggest race yet! A 30K race in March 2011, a few weeks before the wedding!

People thought I was crazy, that I was going to hurt myself and not be able to walk down the aisle! (or the beach in my case!) I knew it was a risk but with proper training, I would do it! To make sure I stayed accountable, I even did races throughout that year! 11 races to be exact!

Through rain or shine, snowstorms and beautiful snowy days, I trained my little heart out! This helped me deal with the stress of wedding planning to a point where I was actually able to be around people! I went to work, I ran and I worked on wedding details! That was my life for 13 months!

Making our invitations!image

I even ran the weekend of my Bachelorette party! I was supposed to run 20K that weekend and I had told my friends about it. They planned out an itinerary including time for my run! They were totally supporting me in my adventure to this big race and knew that I was going to be able to party like the best of them after I did my run.


I did my race and it went beyond any expectations I had for it! I was blessed with a beautiful winter day and determination that came out of every pore! I was ready for this; this race was mine! My husband came with me and was there throughout the race! That is why I married that man J He knows how much running means to me and supports me at every race! My friends even surprised me with a big sign saying “2 weeks til the beach!” I finished it and with so much pride that I was ready to tackle anything that came my way throughout our wedding and after.

After my big race!! I did it image

I continued running until the day before we left for our wedding!  I went out for one last run as I was feeling really stressed and I knew I was about to embark in the biggest journey of my life.

Last run before tying the knot!image

Running helps give me a better perspective on life and what I want out of it. It gives me courage to have those difficult conversations. It gives me energy to go through long workdays. It helps me be a better person and a better wife! I am pretty sure my husband would say it gives me a better body as well, but that’s a whole other post!

Cheers to Linzi and J. Alabama on their new journey as husband and wife.

May running bring you joy and happiness for the rest of your lives!


Be sure to check out Cynthia’s blog over at

7 thoughts on “Training while planning a Wedding

  1. Enjoy the honeymoon, Linzi!! 🙂 Great post, Cynthia! I love how you made sure to fit running into your life even with all the chaos. Definitely a great stress reliever!

  2. Running is totally keeping me sane while planning my wedding! And all I seem to do is – eat, sleep, work, run and plan the wedding!

  3. Linz – hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon.

    Cynthia – checking out your blog! Love how you have taken a stage in life where many woman make (often temporary) changes in their lifestyles, and you have adapted in long term. Too often we get wrapped up in events in our lives and forget (don’t realize) that a little stress relief in the form of exercise goes and long, long way.

  4. Linzi, I hope you’re having a fabulous time on your honeymoon!

    Cynthia, thanks for sharing your story! Your life provides a great reminder for all of us to take time to exercise when life stresses us out!

  5. Cool, this really pretty good reminder. I’ve been in office for a week and I just sit there for long hours and I got back pain for it. Now I would wake up early to jog for an hour before I start my day. Thanks so much!

  6. Congrats Linzi!

    Cynthia: As your friend I was never skeptical that you could do it but damn was I impressed that you managed to pull it off without even faltering a little (at least as far as I can see) You were and are an inspiration to a lot of people! You are defintely one of the most determined people I know!!

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