If the shoes doesn’t fit…

*In true Wedding Wednesday fashion, I leave you today with yet another Wedding post. But this one is more of a Wedding Wednesday tip that you will want to remember!*


If the shoe doesn’t fit….

Then freeze it.

No seriously…I mean it. Get those precious lovelies and do as I say. And I already know you will probably be freaked out by what I’m going to say, but you have to trust me.

As I can only imagine the reaction you are going to have when I tell you that my I put my wedding shoes (yes MY WEDDING SHOES) into the freezer over night.

Why you ask?

Well because my mom told me to.

But it was because I kept whining about how they were just a bit snug in the toe box just days before the wedding.

Wedding Shoes!

So a little tip we learned from googling “how to stretch shoes” or something along those lines goes something a little something like this.


Step 1: Fill two zip-lock baggies full of water

Step 2: Place one baggie full of water into the toe (or area that needs stretching) of each shoe .

Step 3:  Make sure the baggies are snug into the toe of the shoe (and that no water is leaking from the baggy).

Step 4: Place your beloved shoes into the freezer for about a 24 hour period. 

Step 5: After about a day in the freezer, take out the baggies of ice out of your shoes. Try on your shoes after they have had awhile to set outside of the freezer.

You should notice that the ice expands the shoes and actually reshapes the inside of the shoe a little bit. If your shoes are still uncomfortable, try it again a second time.

I was so freaked out that the freezer was going to ruin my shoes, but as long as no water leaks into the shoe and you only leave them in there for a day or so, you shouldn’t have any problems.

My mother did this trick with satin shoes and didn’t have any problems either.

And the kicker is that it really works! I was wincing in pain just wearing my shoes around the house and this stretching trick gave me a little extra room. I made it through the whole wedding ceremony and into the reception without pain.


What do you think…. Would you put your shoes into the freezer if you knew it wouldn’t ruin your shoes and would make them more comfortable?


9 thoughts on “If the shoes doesn’t fit…

  1. Such a good idea! So wish I had known this before my bffs wedding so I could have stretched my shoes! They are just a little too tight but I love them!

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