Flashback Friday: 10 Years

Tonight marks the celebration of 10 years since graduating High school. I’m a little sad that I will be missing my 10 year reunion, but I know that my honeymoon is a higher priority at the moment.

Though, it’s nice to take a moment and think back to those beloved years in High School. And I truly mean beloved…I had a great time in High school.


Then: June 2001


Taylor, Me, Valerie, Tara, Christa, Maria, and Valerie in the front.

Now: June 2011


(Taylor, Tara, Me, Maria & Christa)

It’s funny to look at old pictures and see the physical changes, but realize that we are still the same fun loving people we were 10 years ago.

And I love that I am still great friends with these ladies after all these years.

Then: 2001


(Christa, Tara, Taylor & Me)

Yes, I went through a little “goth” phase where I decided to dye my hair black. But it was mostly just funny to all of my friends.

Now:  June 2011


(Taylor & I)

Now: July 22, 2011 – Me & My Bridesmaids!


(Jessica, Ashley, Me, Katie, Maria & Christa)

Then: Fall of 2000 “Senior Pics”


I think the black hair worked. Especially when I glammed it up! 🙂

Then:  Our Graduation 2001


My best friend Maria & I…It makes me tear up to think about all the shenanigans we’ve been through.

And most recently that she was my Maid of Honor!

Now: June & July 2011


Then: Graduation 2001


I did whatever it took to add a few inches, and make a statement.

Ha ha…I absolutely love this picture. I really wore these shoes whenever I could! And it really helped my parents locate me after the graduation ceremony.

Now: June 2011


Still trying to add a few inches and make a statement.

The more things seem to change, the more they tend to stay the same. 🙂


So this summer, for whatever reason seems to be the spark of HUGE changes in the lives of my friends and I.

Besides my own wedding, 4 of my close high school friends are also getting married this summer. And one of them left on Monday for the Air Force.

It’s crazy to think we are all grown up now– it still feels like yesterday that I was walking the school halls with my best friends and no cares in the world.

Now: June 2011


But I’m super excited to take steps into my future and make new memories with J. Alabama.

And High School reunion or not, I will always have fond memories from the good old days.


So tell me….Did you (or would you) attend a High School Reunion?

Had I been in town during the reunion I would have liked to have caught up with some people from my past. But honestly I’m not too bummed about missing it, considering I still have some pretty close friendships from High School.

7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 10 Years

  1. i went to a really huge high school and i dont even know if we have high school reunions. its about 10 years since i graduated too, but i dont think i would go.
    i still have a few friends from high school, but most of the ppl that i hung out in highschool were drop outs and not ppl i would ever associate now.

    i have different friends as an adult than in my teens.

    beautiful pix of u and ur friends. good to know that you always were the Linzi we know now. with a great shoe selection. if i ever visityou, i would like to borrow the shoes that u wore for ur shower. i wear a size 6.5. haha

  2. Dustin and I attended my 10 HS reunion last year. It was kind of a disappointment because hardly anyone came and I ended up catching up with all of the people that I stay in touch with anyways. It was a nice excuse for a trip home though.

    I hope that your honey is as fabulous as your wedding! We’ll be thinking of you in McCall this weekend. Love ya

  3. What a fun post! Omg those red shoes are out of control! I attended my 10 year this past November. I was sad I couldn’t bring Brian but I had fun with one of my besties.

    Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!

  4. This is awesome! I think it’s incredible that you are still close with your high school buddies. I did not stay close with mine. I got married fairly soon after high school and my life went in a completely different direction than my friends. I was already in a serious relationship in high school and already in Grade 12 had started to separate from my school friends. Therefore, I have not yet attended any of my school reunions. I have reacquainted with a lot of my school friends, mostly via facebook, but not into close friendships. What is funny is that two of my best friends now I did go to school with … but was NOT friends with them IN school. One I actually didn’t like much and the other I had a completely different image of what I thought she was. Getting to “know” them as adults showed me that they are way more suited to my personality than I ever would have thought in high school.

    On another note … how the heck did you manage to walk in those red shoes? I would have broken an ankle. Too funny! I too still love those funky shoes you wore to your shower. Adorable!

  5. What a neat post! That’s so awesome that you’ve stayed really close with your best friends from high school. I’ve only got three close friends from high school that I regularly stay in contact with, and two of them are going to be bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding.

    I probably will attend my 10-year reunion next year, mostly just to see how everyone has changed and catch up with people. I bet if they took a vote, I’d be voted as the “Most Changed.” However, with Facebook, I think class reunions are phasing out and becoming a thing of the past.

  6. I love this post and think it’s very special that you are still friends with the girls from high school. I didn’t stay in touch with high school friends after graduation.

    I believe there has been a reunion once but I didn’t go. I heard from my mother the other day that someone of my Junior highschool (it’s called different here, don’t know what the right word is but it was the school I was on till I was 12) is trying to set up a reunion. I think I will go there. What was shocking to hear that 2 of my classmates back then already passed away at a young age, didn’t know that.

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