Balancing Life & Wedding Planning

Hi everybody!  My name is Richelle and my blog is called Running Toward a Higher Calling.  Please feel free to follow me over at

Like Linzi, I am getting married this year, although my wedding is in September.  My fiance, Mark, runs and although we run at different paces, we like doing a lot of the same races and we really support and encourage each other to become better runners.  I’m glad we both share this insane passion. 🙂

Working full-time, along with wedding planning, blogging and racing keep me very busy.  Also added to that mix is the fact that Mark and I will be property owners shortly.  We found out recently that we got the condo we put an offer on, so we will be moving before the wedding.  Moving is tough work, too!

How do I do this without going crazy?  It’s not easy, but the following guidelines have helped me out immensely:

  • Get help!  I have a great support system of family and friends that are willing to help me out when needed.  My mom, particularly, has helped out more than I can ever repay her for my wedding.
  • Keep lists.  Having a guide explaining when everything needs to be completed for the wedding is extremely helpful and will keep you on track for your wedding day.
  • Train smart.  I have three goal races this year (a half-marathon that I already ran on July 4, Ragnar Relay August 19-20, and the RNR Savannah Half on November 5) and am focusing my training on those events.  I am glad I’m not training for a full marathon because I just don’t have the time to do it.
  • Take time to relax.  I plan evenings where I read (usually magazines, blogs or the local paper), watch movies or get a massage.  Sometimes, you just need a break!

Even with these guidelines, I still have periods where I feel stressed out, but I think I think I’ve been handling everything well so far.  You will too, when it’s your time.  More than anything, I am excited to be getting married to my best friend, and I can’t wait until we are married so we can fully share our lives together.

Thank you for reading.  Best of luck to Linzi and J. Alabama, and have a great summer everyone!


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