Sweating it up in Mexico

So Mexico wasn’t all just chillaxing and Pina Coladas on the beach.

I did manage to squeeze in a few workouts while I was away. Which after a week of wedding festivities was a much needed de-stresser. And oddly enough relaxing at the same time.

So you can bet that I was jumping with joy when I saw that our resort was offering daily activities –one of them being yoga overlooking the ocean. 🙂


I made sure to plan in a yoga morning around all of our fun excursions, because my body needed a little yoga love.


That view of the ocean was spectacular. And the sounds of the waves and the birds chirping were natures music to my ears.

As you can tell, my camera and the humidity didn’t quite get along so well. You will notice a few pictures are a bit blurry due to my camera lens being fogged up.


We managed to squeeze in 2 different yoga sessions while we were at the resort. Each class lasted about 1 hr 30 minutes and included a long savasana and lots of breathing exercises and stretching.

This yoga class was different than anything I had ever done before, besides a few downward dogs, we actually never left our mat.


He led us through several different stretches and yoga moves that could all be done pretty much with your butt to the mat.

Though it doesn’t sound like you could get a workout from sitting on your bum, whatever he had us doing left my abs killing the next day. And left me feeling amazingly refreshed afterwards.


My favorite part was at the end of the class the teacher would have us lay on our stomachs to do the savasana and he would walk around and give each person a 30 second back massage.

And then he would end the class by asking each of us to think of anything in the world that we wanted, money, happiness, sucesss… and just know that all these things we can have. He also reminded us to live every day as if it were our last and that the most important person in this world is you.

I appreciated this outlook on life and yoga. And will forever remember these two special yoga classes.


And now onto running…because this is a running blog afterall!

It didn’t take too long before J. Alabama and I were inspecting the resort gym. I was happy to see five treadmills sitting in a nice air conditioned room. The Mexico humidity was killer on this Idaho girl!


It wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had, nor was it the worst…but it was a much needed sweat fest.

I ran 3 miles in my vibrams on the treadmill and loved every second of it.


I have talked before about running in vibrams on the treadmill and I still really enjoy the feeling of my feet on the tread.


But running in vibrams on a treadmill in Mexico is kind of an oxymoron if you have a nice sandy beach and your own bare feet to take you on a run.

So J. Alabama without much convincing got me to run naked with him on the beach. Oh please….we we were not naked-naked but without shoes & without gadgets.


You know just me and the sand beneath my toes. It was glorious!


We ran up the beach through piles of seaweed, around small children, and through splashing waves for roughly 1.5 miles.

The freeing feeling of running barefoot in the sand and actually being able to feel the ground beneath my feet was amazing! I could see why people love this.


We were definitely a sweaty mess afterwards. But the joy of running on the beach is whenever you get hot you can just jump into the water to cool off.

Brilliant I tell ya!

So my REAL barefoot running experience was positive. I will definitely make sure to try this again the next time I find myself on a tropical and beachy vacation.


So there you have it… you can workout and relax all at the same time. Who knew?

I think the important thing for me was to not think about it has “having to workout”. But finding a creative way to get in a little extra movement in a fun and exciting way.


But now that I’m back and all the festivities are behind me, I’m hoping to really kick it back into gear. I really want to run marathon number 2 in October which means I have to really focus now.


What are your thoughts about working out while on vacay? Yay or Nay?


18 thoughts on “Sweating it up in Mexico

  1. I am so working out on our honeymoon! I would go crazy if I didn’t. I dont know if the resort has yoga but that would be so fun!

  2. I salute you for working out on your honeymoon! (Yeah, I definitely didn’t do that when I got married!) did you get any blisters from running on the beach barefoot? I did that a few weeks ago and it was Blister City!*

  3. I LOVE running barefoot on the beach while on vacation – one of my favorite things to do in a tropical place!! Glad you had some fun couple time getting your sweat on in Mexico!

  4. Love the photos! I think the steam on the camera gives the yoga photos a nice romantic effect!

    We worked out on our honeymoon- it was fun! We got a few runs in and it was cool to run on the red dirt. We did yoga and lots of hiking- it was a nice way to decompress, because it isn’t like I had any goals in mind when doing it.

    Love that you ran barefoot on the beach!

  5. hey! great job on ur workouts! i would have loved to do some yoga on the beach. ur yoga setting was beautiful.

    last year, when i went to cuba, i tried out one of their yoga classes…and it was just me and a creepy yoga instructor. it was weird.

    and yay for actual barefoot running. i really wanna try that. i was thinking of going to the park and just running around for like 10 mins or so.
    ur feet got a good workout and a spa exfoliation! haha

    great that u r back!

  6. Oooohhh look at you all tan! Those pictures from your yoga class are GORGEOUS. I think the camera lens fogging up made it look even more enticing!

  7. I love working out while on vacation. It’s the perfect time because I truly have all the time in the world to do whatever. Our vacations are always active, and usually start with a 10K or so run in the mornings, then other active stuff.

    Hubby & I have often run “naked” on the beach. Though it was in Oregon, so not quite so tropical. But it feels incredible. Jumping in the water in OR is probably not quite the same as Mexico though – heeheee.

  8. I’d LOVE to run on a sandy beach in Mexico some day. I’m so jealous! Great job at getting your workouts in while on vacation!

    I plan most of my vacations around running events (mostly half-marathons) so that’s how I get my exercise while taking time off from the daily grind. Plus, I like to explore whatever locale I visit, so I do lots of walking. Fun!! 🙂

  9. Those yoga classes were really a treat with such a view. And running barefoot in the sand. This isn’t working out this is pure pleasure!

    I usually bring my running shoes on vacation and run a few times every vacation except for the last one where we did a lot of walking and biking.

  10. I love working out on vacay, because it means I get to explore new places/have new experiences (like running on the sand).

    Now, can I say “WHOA, sexy couple” without sounding like a weirdo?!

    That yoga class sounds cool. I like it when it feels a bit easier in class but you are all sore the next day. 🙂

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