Will run for Beer-fest!

I figured out a sure way to make certain I accomplished my 14 mile long run on Saturday…


…that was to run myself 7 miles out so I would have to run 7 miles to get back home.

It worked. I ran, and ran, and ran until garmina hit 7 miles. And then gladly turned around and ran the 7 miles back.


I knew with all the wedding festivities the month before that I had missed many of my much needed marathon training runs. Saturday’s long run was kind of a crucial one for me to gage where I was at.

If I could do the 14 miles successfully, then I knew that I could probably jump right back into training no probs!

024 025

My run was very peaceful and beautiful. I just followed the same path for 7 straight miles. And I saw some beautiful parts of Boise I had never seen before.

I actually jammed out to my ipod during this run too. Which I almost never run with music. But when I started the run, I knew I would need more motivation than usual.


I took a lot more walking, texting, emailing, & facebook breaks than I ever would on a regular run. But I didn’t care…whatever it took to get me through it was all I cared about.


I was truly amazed at how my body held up. My last long run was done on June 18th when I completed the Chocolate & Champagne Half marathon.

I just kept with it – well I had no choice really. I had to get myself home somehow and running was going to get me back a lot faster than walking.


Around mile 12 I ran out of water. I tried not to freak out as I knew I had a little ways to go. My energy was starting to drain a little bit, and I had blisters on my feet that were screaming at me.

But I just kept going until I hit a water fountain at mile 13. It was a godsend let me tell you. I also happened to run into Coach Brad, my TNT coach from last year.

We chatted a bit about the TNT team and it definitely gave me a little pep in my step to finish up strong.


Almost 3 full hours later I was done! Crazy sauce!


Okay…so that picture is a bit more dramatic than I actually remember it being. I was hot, sweaty and tired by the end but the run wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

And I promised myself a nice natural “ice bath” if I finished up the 14. Woo hoo!


So lucky to have the Boise River strategically placed at the end of my runs. 😉


No rest for me though… shortly after I finished up that long glorious run, I chowed down some eats and off to the Beer Fest we went.

I joked that I ran for beer that day. Boy did I ever!


I was so excited to meet up with my family and friends down at the park for the Barley Brother’s Traveling Beer Show!

It was awesome! For $25 you got this little 4 oz cup and as many tasters of beer as you wanted all day long.


There was over 200 different kinds of beer to taste, and I was so excited try some new ones.

038 043

And was so excited to take a picture of this guy in his beer mug outfit! Classic! 037

There were so many beers to taste and I had a hard time deciding which one to go with. I usually ended up with the stouts & porters.


He get’s real serious when it comes to drinking beer! 🙂


At least that is what he told me after I took the picture. That’s my serious beer face! 🙂

Then we stumbled upon this hidden gem…. Payette Brewing!


This is one of Boise’s newest brewery’s and let’s just say that my brother and I are big fans!


After all was said and done, I’d have to say I thought it was a successful event.


And well–any pain I was feeling from the 14 mile run was surely numbed away by the gloriousness of all the beer!

Hope you all had a great weekend I know I did! Happy Monday!! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Will run for Beer-fest!

  1. Great job getting it done!! i agree if I know I’ve run 7 miles from home, then it’s too bad I am going to just need to suck it up to get home and I’d rather do it quicker than slower so I will keep myself running!

  2. WOOOHOOO, awesome job on the long run. Looks like a beautiful path. I’m re-building mileage right now too and my main goal is getting through it, no matter how much walks/rests I need or how long it takes.

    I know a couple of people who would LOVE to attend that beer show. Looks awesome!

  3. Good job!!! I’d run that for Beerfest too! I accidentally ran 14 miles a couple of weeks ago. Yes that is right – ACCIDENTALLY.

    I need to give myself a little funzies goal to partake in after my long runs that are coming up. Hmmm.

    Beer does sound tasty!

  4. Awesome work on your 14-miler! That’s so nice that you have a nice, icy river to jump into afterward to heal your sore legs!

    Mmmmmm… beer! My fiance and I would definitely be game for a festival like that!

  5. Excellent run Linzi, I’m so proud of you that you tackled your 14 miler! I have mapped loops for every distance I have to run during half marathon training. It always has to be 1 loop because if it’s 2 or more and I don’t feel like running that day, chances are I quit early. Now I have to keep on going to get home because most loops I do don’t have a shortcut either.

    What a fun an great even that beer festival. After that 14 miler you totally deserved to have fun and drink some beers.

  6. Congrats on 14! I have not done 13 since May! Way to get through it. I like running out and back too but i have problems finding water as well sometimes. What marathon are you doing?

  7. congrats on the 14 miles! that is amazing! u r so on top of your game. u r a rockstar!!! yay

    awesome that you ran into your coach. thats huuuuge motivation.

    i wonder if it is beer fest everywhere at the same time. it was beerfest here in toronto also this weekend.

    and it looks like u had a good time there too! yay

    linzi is bag in the game.

    ps. have u ever tried a fig? i dont think i have nor do i think that we reviewed it yet. wanna do a figgy fruity friday sometime in the next few weeks?

  8. Way to go on the 14, girl!! You deserved that river soak and all the beer for sure. 🙂

    Out and backs are the best way I force myself to go the planned distance, too.

  9. Yay 14-miler! Was the trail shaded it all! It doesn’t seem like it from the pics!

    I love going to events after a long run because I feel like I can splurge and eat/drink whatever I want!

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