Mixing it Up

This week has been somewhat of a dream week when I think about the plethora of workouts I have done.

My workout dream week would look a little like this… (if only there were enough hours in the week to really make this happen).

  • Strength Training x2
  • Running (2-3 short runs & 1 long run)
  • Spinning
  • Yoga x2

And well friends… let’s just say that I at least did one of each of the above workouts already this week! Woo hoo!


On Monday night the folks over at 208 Fit clubs invited me to check out one of their free workout classes.


We all met up in this dance studio and worked out to p90x! I have never done any of these workouts, and was so glad to add in the strength training.

Wednesday I took my lunch break in the foot hills. It was a hot!

003 004   007

But a much a needed run to loosen up my legs after the 14 miler from Saturday. Several days later I was still feeling that run.

Thursday night I was itching to get a yoga sesh in. Hot yoga sounded as good as anything. So I sweated it all out last night!


But the week couldn’t be complete unless I got in a little spin. Oh yeah!

Those 5:30 am classes seem so brutal, but dare I say that it gives me a little pep that no cup of coffee can compete with.


Overall the week has been good… a little lacking in the running area, but nothing a 9 miler tomorrow can’t fix!

I think I’m finally getting back into a workout routine. Wedding month really got me off track, so I’m just working to get it back!

Have a great weekend friends! I have another jam packed exciting weekend ahead — will recap on Monday!

12 thoughts on “Mixing it Up

  1. I love doing a little bit of everything, definitely helps with not getting bored!

    I need to try spinning again. I’ve done it once and didn’t love it but I think I need to go a few more times before making a definitive decision!

  2. Indeed a great workout week so far. Did you like P90X? I’ve been looking at this program over and over again but up till today haven’t got the gutch to buy it 🙂

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