No Matter What!

I’ve been all over the place in my running over the last few weeks. I had an amazing and motivating 14 miler two weeks ago and haven’t been able to run with even an inkling of happy since then.

But I was reading Fran’s blog yesterday, about how she had completed one of the best runs she’d had in awhile. It made me happy for her.

It sparked something in me.  I went out on my run last night with the decision to make it a good run. No matter what.

Every time it got hard I just told myself that this was the best run ever.  I really needed it to be.

I am running 16 miles SOLO on Saturday and for the first time in all my running am having a few doubts. And this silly 5 miler I was on last night needed to re-ignite my happy running spark.

I started to think about anything and everything that would make me happy.

Awww…yes…this makes me happy. Just thinking about the whirlwind love adventure I have been on over the last few weeks. ♥

The run had it’s ups and downs…it’s walk breaks and sprints…and though it wasn’t it was a great run indeed.

It was a beautiful, scenic and peaceful run. It re-energized me, and gave me a bit more self-esteem for Saturday’s long run.

It was just what I needed!

Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself what you need to make it happen. I just needed it to be a good run. And it was.


Happy Running Friends!!


12 thoughts on “No Matter What!

  1. YES! Sure we all have good runs and not-so-good runs, but the run is truly what we make it! Way to set out with the right attitude. Carry that with you on the 16 this weekend!

  2. Good luck with your 16 miler! Take it one step at a time and you will do great! I cannot wear my ring(s) when I run. Fingers swell up and I hate how the rings get all gross and sweaty! I love your wedding band!

  3. Glad to hear you had a decent run. Sometimes we go through stages where it’s not all wonderful, but we have to persevere and usually we come out on the happy side again. Good luck with your run this weekend. Hope it’s a happy one!

  4. You have an awesome attitude, and this post speaks wonders to mind over matter. What a gorgeous, scenic area to run, too! Good luck on your 16-miler this weekend!

    Our Ragnar team found a replacement runner, then another team member got injured, but then we found a replacement for him. Here’s hoping everything goes well this weekend!

  5. Happy to help out LInzi, now I’m going to use your positive thought for my run tomorrow because the two runs after the good one sucked.

    Good luck tomorrow with the 16-miler, you can do it and I will be running half of it with you. I have an 8-miler on the tap tomorrow.

  6. Attitude is everything, that’s for sure. Love your attitude and always enjoy reading your posts. Best of luck on your 16 miler, you will rock it for sure!

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