Lots-a Hot Yoga

It was 97 degrees yesterday, which typically would have led me fleeing to anywhere with air conditioning.  I decided to just embrace the heat, and why not do so in a  room with 20 other people?

So I fled to a new to me Hot Yoga studio called Lhotse Yoga. (Pronounced like lots-a…as in I do lotsa hot yoga!)


After my longest run of the year, I knew that my poor hip flexors needed some love. And with what I had on the books for Tuesday nights workout, I knew my hips needed to be loosened up!

This hot yoga class was my sixth class ever since delving into the hot yoga world a few months ago.

People always ask me how I like hot yoga, and I respond that it’s a love-hate thing.


I say love-hate, because it really does take time to get your mind & body used to the heat of the class. The heat waves come and go, and usually it’s bearable.

The  heat also makes the stretches and poses so much easier and they feel so much better!

And I typically leave class feeling like I just came home from a long run. I’m drenched with sweat and feeling high on life.

It’s that feeling that puts the love in hot yoga for me.


The hate feeling I get with hot yoga is that these classes are typically longer than a regular yoga class. They can run anywhere from 75-90 minutes long. And there is a bit lacking in the relaxation and meditative areas in these classes too.

It’s a lot more fast paced, they tend to play really upbeat music, as well as throwing in a lot of ab workouts. (I’m all for ab workouts, but when I want to do yoga, sometimes I just want to do yoga).

My class last night had a similar approach that I have learned before, but I rather enjoyed the way they heated their studio.

I was dripping with sweat as per usual, but for some reason it did not feel as hot as it usually does. It wasn’t a heavy heat. The sweat just dripped off and I went on with my hot yoga business with no issues.

Typically I have had a few moments throughout class where I may have felt dizzy for a moment, or even spouts of nausea. But you just put yourself in childspose for a minute and it goes away.

I did not have any issues in class last night. And even though they did a whole 20 minutes of abs + pilates routine, I still left there happy as a clam!


Tonight’s adventures are all about the hips….oh yeah! I’m finally cashing in my groupon for Belly Dancing lessons! (Will recap on Thursday!)

Wish me LOTS-A luck! 🙂

Anyone in the Boise/Meridian area.. if you want to check out Lhotse Hot yoga, they offer an introductory deal of $20 for two weeks of unlimited classes. And you can actually try out the studio for free your first time!
And there was something on their class schedule about hoola hoop classes and a hot fitness dance class. I’m not sure what the fitness world is coming to, but if I can get a workout hoola-ing a hoola hoop, sign me up!

6 thoughts on “Lots-a Hot Yoga

  1. Have fun with your Belly Dancing class! You sure try a lot of interesting stuff. I don’t think I could handle hot yoga. I get a little claustrophobic feeling in those kind of situations. Maybe that’s the wrong word, but the high heat like that really makes me feel like I can’t breath … then of course there’s the me not caring for yoga thing – hahahhaa.

  2. I love hot yoga. I took classes at our near by hospital. It was just myself with one other person and the instructor. We did 25 poses, twice. I loved the way the heat loosened up my muscles and was able to do most poses. If you love it keep it up. 🙂

  3. I really wish I could get myself into a hot yoga routine. That’s my resolution for this winter!! (Somehow it seems more inviting to go into a hot hot room when it is COLD out)

    Have fun belly dancing!!!

  4. I love it how you try new classes everytime and your reports afterwards are always great too so look forward to your belly dancing report.

    I’ve never took hot yoga, can’t even imagine how hot it must feel. I started yoga again last Sunday and it felt great, it’s so good for the body after a long run. Need to keep doing that.

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