Adventures in Mexico

 Happy Wedded Wednesday! 

Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is part two of our honeymoon adventures in Mexico.


As soon as we booked our trip to Playa del Carmen, we knew we had to check out the ruins in Tulum.


So upon our arrival to our hotel we booked a full day excursion.

A half-day trip with guided tour of the ancient city of Tulum, and the second half of the day would be a two hour snorkeling adventure.




This place was absolutely breathtaking!  These amazing ruins were nestled right up to this gorgeous beach.

It had the softest sand I’ve ever felt and the bluest water I’ve ever seen.

147 148

I could see why this place was such a treasured spot.

149 150

I honestly wish I could remember more about the significance of the different buildings, but there was so much to take in visually I had a hard time listening to our tour guide.



You can peer over the cliff of the ruins and find this lovely site.160

Another side of the gorgeous beach, which they opened up to the tourists.

It was so hot out during our tour and I was really regretting that I had not worn my swimsuit under my clothes.

The water looked so refreshing!156

The tour was short and sweet.157

The city of Tulum is actually quite smaller than I had imagined. But it was so worth it to have taken the tour!


After our morning of touring the ruins, it was finally time to take it to the open water.

This was my first experience at snorkeling!


I would love to tell you all that it was an amazing experience for me, but truthfully I struggled through it.

There were some amazing things we saw though and that I cannot deny.

Check out this sea turtle! He was so cute. 🙂




Here is J. Alabama giving me the thumbs up. Then he told me to look down. AAA014

It’s hard to see in the pictures, but there is a fish sitting on top of the turtles back. AAA015

Then we saw the Barracuda! AAA012

This thing was huge! And though its hard to tell, I’m only a few feet away from him. AAA013

My struggle with the whole snorkeling was I sort of started having an anxiety attack at the start.

I was feeling super claustrophobic with the mask on my face and the snorkeling tube in my mouth. And then I also started to feel a little seasick from the rolling waves.


J. Alabama thinks I might have inhaled too much salt water and that was why I wasn’t feeling too hot.

Either way, I’m glad to say I tried snorkeling and the experience of seeing below the water was awesome. But I’m not sure I have that much desire to do it again.



I appreciated that our fun filled day of site seeing and underwater adventures led us to this beautiful beach.


This is exactly what I envision as my perfect paradise.


Now I only wish I was still there right now with my husband and one of those fru-fru drinks with the little umbrella in it.


Ahhh…but back to reality friends! The vacation is sadly over.

Have you ever been snorkeling? How was your experience? 


I’m also excited to announce that we will meeting with our wedding photographer next week for the “official unveiling” of all of our wedding photos!! Expect a few more heavy photo posts in the near future.


14 thoughts on “Adventures in Mexico

  1. Your pics are beautiful. It looks like you had such an amazing time! I can’t wait to discuss more at lunch tomorrow. I personnally am not a big fan of water activities that involve my head under the water. I also get freaked out and clautstrophobic.

  2. Beautiful. We went to Tulum a few years ago and the ruins were beautiful. I also had a hard time snorkeling while there. Normally I love to snorkel but the water was rough that day and I swallowed salt water. I had to be brought back in from the boat about a mile from where we were staying. I walked back to our hotel and found beautiful seashells while everyone finished their snorkeling adventure!! Your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. I wish I was at that beach right now! lol. The water looks amazing! I think I would have had a panic attack if I saw a barracuda. We did snorkeling in the Bahamas and saw sharks. My a$$ did NOT touch that water when I heard there were sharks. I stuck my face in to take a peak (the boat had a rear part that was level with the water) and got right back up. Nope, not this girl.

  4. Gorgeous!

    I had a similar experience snorkeling. Glad I tried it, but probably won’t again. Though, part of my problem was I wasn’t shown how to put the piece in my mouth and I ended up ingesting too much salt water. Plus I got nauseous from the rolling waves. Luckily we didn’t see any nasty creatures or I don’t think I would have been able to go in the water again. Since I didn’t see anything, I can be blissfully ignorant and believe there is nothing dangerous out there. heehee

    I could never scuba dive – way too claustrophobic.

  5. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go on a beach vacation STAT!

    I have not had the best snorkeling experiences either. I’ve been sea sick both in the boat and in the water, and have gotten a bit squeamish about the whole underwater thing. The last time we went there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE you looked and I was terrified of getting stung. :S

  6. Tulum loooks amazing! Man! I am aching for that clear blue water. Gorgeous!

    We went scuba diving for the first time during our honeymoon in Aruba. I had a similar panic attack when we were practicing in the pool, but our guide was so awesome. She dove with me and held my hand until I gave her the go ahead that I was okay.

    Love the fishy getting a ride from the turtle!

  7. SOOO jealous you got to visit the ruins! We are going on a cruise next year and I hope when we stop in Mexico I can see some ruins! Looks awesome and so much fun! You two had an amazing honeymoon! I need my honeymoon now!

  8. Those pictures of the ruins are beautiful! I always end up living in my bathing suit when we go on vacation because you never know when you’ll have a chance to go swimming!

    I know what you mean about snorkeling. My mask always fogs up and I get a little queasy unless we’re in more of a cove than the middle of the ocean. I think there’s definitely something worth trying it again, my experience is it takes some practice and getting used to.

  9. It’s so beautiful, this is what paradise looks like in my imagination. The ruins remind me of Italy that has a lot of those ruins too but the beach can’t be found there. Great trip Linzi.

    I never did snorkeling, I’m a bit afraid of open waters like oceans due to an accident when I was 11 and stepped on a dead fish in a sea which had me in the hospital for 4 weeks due to an infection and a recovery period of a few months after that.

  10. Wow- it looks like paradise!

    Okay so I hate snorkeling. Too much water in the nose and mouth and it’s just uncomfortable. However, I LOVE scuba diving. One would think it would make you feel more claustrophobic but it is so much better.

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