Bootay Shakin’ Madness

My crazy desire to try all things fitness has led me to Ophidia’s Studio yet again.


Last time it was for Pole Dancing lessons, this time it was for Belly Dancing lessons!

I know you all read about my running adventure with my dad earlier this week. Well it was my mom’s turn to join in my fitness fun!

We were excited to finally cash in our groupon for class 1 (of 5) belly dance classes that we purchased back in April.


I wasn’t quite sure what one wears to shake those hips, so I figured a running skirt would work.

Though after having taken the class the I now realize the skirt made it a bit difficult to see my hips while I was dancing, so I will opt for a tighter top and capris next time. I’ll let you know if it makes a difference.


The class was very small, which I rather liked. There were only four of us and the instructor.

Before we jumped into the hip shaking madness, we were down doing sit-ups and stretches to warm up them abs.

Oh man, I should have realized that belly dancing = ab workout. 🙂


Over the course of the class we were taught about 4 different moves that sort of melded into a short routine.

I actually rather enjoyed the one where moved our ribcage from side-to-side, then sort of puffed our chests out and then back.

It probably makes more sense if you are actually seeing this move done, but trust me that it was fun.


The we moved on to the hip shaker. Left hip up, left hip down, right hip up, right hip down…then do it really really fast and you got yourself some bootay shaking madness!

This move was hard. I was so frustrated with the way my hips were moving or not moving, and never felt like I really got the hang of it.

Though Mama Lotus (as she is so lovingly called) had a lot easier time with it.


She has also taken Belly Dancing classes before too.

Our last move of the night left us doing a hip flick, kick and spin. It was a little easier than the bootay shake, but man do I need to practice at home! That’s where those other 4 classes will come in handy.

Doing all of these belly dancing moves has you working your core in ways you probably wouldn’t normally work them. I loved the way I felt after the class was over though, my core was tight and my lower back felt like it had been massaged by all the side-to-side ab/ribcage movement.


It finally dawned on me that I liked the feeling afterwards because it’s the opposite of what I would normally do with my abs. Usually it’s just a sit-up motion, but all that oblique work felt AMAZING!


My final thoughts after class 1 is this….

It was not exactly what I had expected, and I was definitely not a “natural”. I like the idea of all the ab movements and will be curious to see if this class get easier after a couple more lessons. It was fun to spice things up, and I’m looking forward to redeeming myself next week at class number 2.

Happy Bootay Shakin’ Thursday!!


11 thoughts on “Bootay Shakin’ Madness

  1. So awesome that you are always trying fun new fitness activities, and even better that your parents (and sometimes brother) get to join in.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next session.

  2. Sounds like fun! A while back I went to a new bootcamp class. My friend and I were waiting for class to begin and all these ladies were coming in and putting on these skirts with …. ???? ‘dangly thingies’ all over them. We were like what the ????? Turned out the bootcamp class was in a different room and this was a belly dance class. We couldn’t figure out why they’d be wearing those skirts for a bootcamp class. I’ve never done belly dancing, but I have heard that it’s an incredible ab workout.

  3. Fun times at belly dance class. Next time, we will have to wear one of those jingly skirts!! Def felt it in my sides and back. Hoot!!

  4. Gah! I wish I had read this earlier so we could have chatted over lunch, my mom is a professional belly dancer and I’ve grown up with it!

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