The Dirtier Dash

We came. We ran. We got muddy.





Team Dirty Booty Chasers consisted of Elisa, Gene, Myself & Cynthia! (And thank you Cynthia for providing most of these filthy photos).


We started The Dirty Dash as we would with any race, by taking lots of pre-race photos….




Oh yeah… I was ready for another exciting & muddy race!


Then it was time to gawk at all the “creative” outfit choices.

Exhibit A: The Dirty little bunnies…


Exhibit B: The Naked Chefs


Just watching all of the creative costumes roll in during this race is almost as fun as rolling in the mud itself.

Pretty soon it was time to start the race. This year they had different waves of runners (starting at 9 am going through the early afternoon).


This was nice because you didn’t get too stopped up at any of the obstacles.

And just like that, we were off!


The race course and obstacles were very similar to last year’s, but let’s just say that there was a WHOLE lot more mud!

The Dirty Dash Obstacles included:

  • Jumping over 4ft bails of hay
  • Crossing over balance beams
  • Running through tires (uphill)
  • Crawling through a mud tunnel
  • Maneuvering through a mud pit while climbing over metal bars
  • Doing a wall climb
  • Chugging a Natural Light beer
  • Slip n’Slide
  • Sludging through the final mud pit


Oh yes friends…this race was no walk in the park. It was a hard climb up the backside of Bogus Basin Ski mountain.

But the last final mud bath made it all worth it!




313171_10150271995417231_554792230_8074519_3253640_n 017 018

Then it was time for some post race fuel.


Nothing like a chocolate milk, a banana and full table of Little Debbie treats to refuel you after such a physical race.

The Dirty Dash this year was a great success! We had a blast and it really was a lot more muddier than last year.


I always forget how hard it is running up the backside of the ski hill though, and this year I’ve been slacking a bit on my hill training.

Oh well — I consider The Dirty Dash a great whole body workout, that will hopefully count for something for my marathon training. It was one of those character building training runs for sure! 🙂

Happy Monday!


And in case you missed it, last year’s Dirty Dash race recap.


16 thoughts on “The Dirtier Dash

  1. So awesome! Love the outfits!!!
    Your poor shoes….tell me they aren’t/weren’t as new as they looked. lol
    I had verbally committed for the Marine Corps Mud run but have since backed out because it is less than a month before my half marathon and I was so afraid of injuring myself during the mud run causing me to miss my half. Tell me that isn’t crazy!? LOL
    Anyway, I am going to do one of these crazy races one day!!! They look like too much fun.

  2. I don’t know if I could do that race – I do not like running through water or mud. Im such a wimp/girl! lol Great job! Such cute outfits!

  3. Holy cow that looks so awesome. I LOVE your outfits and team name – I think those little things make the race so much more fun/memorable.

    I did cringe, inwardly and outwardly, when I glanced at your seemingly beautiful shoes in one of the pre-mud pictures. Makes me think I should keep an old pair lying around in case I ever have a chance to do something like that too.

  4. Your costumes are way way way cool! You always are having fun. I love that about you!

    So what do you do with your shoes afterward? Wash them and use them, or is this one of the races that donates them to charity?

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