The Fun Box

Now I truly understand why it’s called  “The Funbox” ….because it’s literally a box of fun!


In an attempt to save a few bucks (and kill two three birds with one stone) we opted for a photo booth at our wedding.

Our vision was that the photo booth would provide some sort of entertainment during the reception, especially for those of the non-dancing variety.


While also providing our guests with a nifty little souvenir from our wedding, in return providing us with a fully animated guest book!


See…three birds…one stone! Brilliant I tell ya!


So here’s how it all went down.

The guests would make a trip to the kickass props table where they could pick their mustache-on-a-stick, their write-your-own-comment-bubble, or pick from a plethora of delightful props.



The Oh snap sign says it all!

OH Snap!

Choose your disguise

Say Cheese

One for your fridge

One for our book


Once they picked out their preferred prop it was into the photo booth!


After a ton of laughter & kookiness it was over to the crafts table, where each guest was asked to make a page for our guestbook/scrapbook.



They were highly encouraged to leave us a little message.




Some of our guests had a little too much fun with it!


Remember this couple? They got married three weeks before us!

Next up!


And now this adorable couple is next …I’ll be hearing wedding bells with them this weekend in Las Vegas! 😉


The photo booth was worth every single penny spent.


Just looking through our guest book from our wedding night provides us with hours and hour of pure laughter and entertainment.

It was truly a funfilled night and the proof is in the pictures!


10 thoughts on “The Fun Box

  1. How cute! That looks like such a fun idea (uh, I just typed “idaho” instead of idea). Everyone loves photo booths!

    I especially like the, “now let’s see who can have more kids!” comment. Welcome to married life. 😉

  2. That looks like so much fun! I wish we could have that but I dont think there is time or money in the budget 😦 Oh well, hopefully the photographer gets lots of fun pictures instead.

  3. I love this idea! I wish it would have been around when we did our wedding. And how cool that you have those pages for a scrapbook! I didn’t realize people did that as well.

  4. This is such a great idea. My fiance and I considered it, but decided not to… probably to save money! We received a guest book as one of many shower gifts from my parents, and we also have another way we’re planning to have guests do something special for us.

  5. What a fantastic great idea! I would never have come up with this, it’s so much more fun than a standard guest book in which you sign your name.

    Love it!

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