Here’s to a Sweaty September!

I assumed that August would have been a lot more chill since I was coming off my sweet Wedding high, but honestly it was a month long catch-up session!

There were some fun & noteworthy fitness activities to recap though…and when you read this you will understand why I’m still playing catch-up. I was one busy girl this past month!

Yoga in Mexico


Belly Dancing Lessons


Vinyasa on the Vineyards
14 Mile Solo Run


16 mile “Buddy” run


The Dirty Dash 10k



Here is a breakdown for August:

Miles Ran: 62.75

Yoga Classes: 4 total (2 regular | 2 Hot Yoga)

Spin: 1 class

Belly Dancing: 2 classes

Strength: 1 p90x workout

Races Ran: 1 (The Dirty Dash!)


What you can count on from me for Sweaty September…

♥A weekend in Las Vegas for a dear friend’s wedding! (I’m a bridesmaid!)

♥A week long work conference in beautiful northern Idaho

♥A new fitness class to review for you all (I freaking LOVE groupon!)

♥A lot of running — my 18 & 20 milers are on the menu

♥I’ve jumped on board for Heidi’s Action Plan Challenge


Happy First day of September! Let’s hope it is a sweeeaty month for everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Here’s to a Sweaty September!

  1. Awesome month with so many fun things. After reading about your yoga session through Groupon I checked if we have it here too and we do but it’s not big yet so haven’t seen any fun things yet.

    Have a great weekend in Vegas baby.

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