My Wedding Look

I am really happy with how my wedding look came together on the big day, but I was even more proud of how I managed to get my perfect look without breaking the bank.

Of all the things I spent money on for the wedding, my wedding ensemble ended up being the least of my expenses. Which I still think is crazy, but it also makes me realize how blessed I really am.

I also had the help of family & friends to make my wedding look as perfect and cost effective as can be. Their contributions were honestly priceless, and  I truly appreciate them for everything they did to make my wedding the most special day of my life.


The DressDavid’s Bridal ($399)

LinziMicah002 LinziMicah001


The VeilDo-It-Yourself Veil ($14.00)



♥The ShoesNordstrom’s Rack ($30)



The Jewelry:

♥Earrings |  Nordstrom’s Rack ($10)

♥”My Something Blue” | A blue bracelet gifted to me by my Bridesman

♥”My Something borrowed” | Aunt Bobbie Jo’s Wedding Ring (not pictured)




My Wedding HeadbandChic Bridal Boutique ($30)



Hair & Make-up | My lovely bridesmaid Ashley (Priceless)


LinziMicah034 LinziMicah035


The Final Look: ($483)


I was a bundle of nerves here. 


My whole wedding look came together more perfectly than I could have ever even imagined. Everything pictured above (dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, make-up, even alterations) came in under $500.00.

The Veil: You may remember a panicked post a few days before the wedding on how the veil I borrowed was actually white and not ivory? Well my mother’s friend happened to be sitting in our living room as I was freaking out and offered to make me one. Yup, just three days before the wedding she made me the perfect veil. And the supplies needed to pull it all together was roughly $14.00.

Hair & Make-up: My friend & bridesmaid Ashley has been my hairstylist since she was back in beauty school many years ago. So it was very special for me when she offered to style my hair and do my make-up on my wedding day.

The Dress: And the final touch was when I went to pick up my dress after the alterations had been done, and the woman who has been doing my alterations since I was in High school handed me my dress and wished me a happy wedding day. She gifted me the dress alterations.


These small acts did not go unnoticed, and in fact will always be remembered as beautiful and special gifts to me.

And though the money I spent on my wedding look seemed like a small amount, my gratitude to everyone who helped make our wedding perfect is immeasurable.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!


14 thoughts on “My Wedding Look

  1. I can’t believe you pulled that off for under $500! You looked MAGAZINE-WORTHY! And the contributions of your family/friends truly are the best gifts ever. I love how it all came together for you.

    P.S. I know I owe you a prize – have not forgotten, just busy over here. I will get you something in the mail soon. 🙂

  2. you could have been wearing a flour sack and been just as beautiful my sweet niece xxoo ok, maybe not as popular as the gown, pearls and sparkly things, but none the less.. just as beautiful!

  3. That is awesome! So luck you got to get everything together for such a low price. My dress was a bit more expensive but not too much thankfully. I just could not bring myself to spend a lot on the dress and I plan to sell it after the wedding. Your hair looks great – I am meeting with my hairstylist again today because I did not really like how my hair came out – it seemed to flat against my head.

  4. Betty the Bustler had you come for fittings at least 5-6 times. Being short is tough when doing alternations. That was so kind of her to gift you the alternations and she got everything perfect!! You looked like a goddess!!

  5. You looked absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful gown. Amazing you only spent $500, you looked like a Million bucks. 🙂
    So happy for you Linzi. 🙂

  6. I love your dress! My wedding dress was also from David’s Bridal. I don’t know why some people knock that place so much. I had nothing but good experiences with them.*

  7. I love love love your wedding day look. Especially the hair. Wow. I cannot believe your friend did that! How awesome! The whole ensemble is so great and classy!

  8. I agree with Nicole… you totally looked like a million bucks! It’s so awesome that you were able to save so much money. Weddings can be expensive!

    My dress came from David’s Bridal, too, and I’m doing my own hair and makeup. My mom and a friend of hers repurposed my first communion veil for my wedding veil. I’m also wearing a headband and a cute, inexpensive pair of shoes.

  9. You were such a lovely bride!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you a few times before but I’m wondering: how’s married life for you so far and especially: how do you like living together with J. Alabama since you didn’t do that before the wedding.

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